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My Carolina Today: Updating Your Kitchen

Ashley and Lauren talk with Sharon from My Carolina Today on how you can update your kitchen. It does not always have to be a complete remodel – sometimes changing out the appliances and putting paint on the walls can make a big impact. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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My Carolina Today TV Show: Kid Friendly Spaces

Ashley and Brittany take a few moments to talk with Valonda from My Carolina Today about creating functional and fun kid friendly spaces all awhile taking a step away from the traditional “themed” room. Call us if you are interested in letting us design a kids room for you.

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My Carolina Today TV Show: “Spruce Up For Spring”

On this My Carolina Today segment, Molly talks about  how to brighten up your interior living spaces just in time for Spring! Check it out and let us know what you think.

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My Carolina Today TV Show: “Ask A Designer”


Today on NBC 17’s My Carolina Today Judy and Lauren answer some of the viewers  interior design dilemas. Take a look! The picture below was taken just moments before they went on air.

Design Lines Ltd. & My Carolina Today (2)

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My Carolina Today: Brittany’s Top 3 Recommendations for Holiday Gift Wrapping

Need some suggestions on how to wrap those last minute gifts?! As Brittany makes her television debut on My Carolina Today, enjoy her three wonderful ideas for gift wrapping this holiday season. What do you do for festive holiday wrapping? We would love to hear.

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My Carolina Today TV Show: Segment 9 Will Air 12/17

WNCN My Carolina Today Logo Full

It is time to wrap all the gifts! On December 17th, tune in to  My Carolina Today at 11:00am as Brittany makes her television debut. Brittany shares our wrapping recommendations and a few tricks for making those gifts look their best this holiday. Don’t worry we will also give you a full recap on Monday. So stay tuned!

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My Carolina Today: Judy’s Top 6 Recommendations For Holiday Table Decor

Missed Judy’s segment on My Carolina Today, we’ve got you covered!  Here are Judy’s recommendations for your holiday table.

Holiday Table Decor Tips:

1. There must be a layer of personalization.
2. Layer plates at each place setting to give depth.
3. If serving on paper plates add festive napkins.
4. Centerpieces can be simple.
5. Establish serving pieces that you will be using.
6. Set the atmosphere and mood right a way.

Create a playlist of music to have during the party, or a stack of games for even the little ones to play with while the adults are socializing. Or bring it to a whole new level with games for adults too.

This helps in the planning process and if any guests are going to be bringing a dish. This lets you know ahead of time the proportions of space on the buffet and where every food item will be during the party. We say let the food be the focal point on the table, but if one is using a buffet table or serving area, simple candle sticks with colored tappers can do just the trick. Add greenery from your back yard to make the centerpiece even more festive. By doing this you are creating depth and personality to each place setting.  This can be a hand written place card, for the dining table to your very favorite dessert that has been baking in the oven for hours. You got to have something represent you!

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My Carolina Today TV Show: Segment 8 Will Air 12/3

WNCN My Carolina Today Logo Full

On Friday December 3rd, Judy will share her entertaining tips for setting your table with style this holiday season. So tune in to My Carolina Today on NBC 17 at 11:00am to see Judy! On Monday we will re-broadcast the segment for those who missed it!

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A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

From friends, clients, and interior design students, we are often asked some form of the question, “What does a typical day look like in the life of an interior designer?”  So, I decided to document my day last Wednesday, taking my camera with me along the way. 

E IMG_7503

 8:30 am – After my 10 minute commute from downtown Raleigh, I’m in the office.  On the way, I think through the day: I have a window treatment install, CAD drawings to finish, clients to call, and more!

E IMG_7517

8:45 – I check my email, replying to as many as I can and flagging the ones I’ll respond to later.  I also look over my to-do list, which I keep in the spiral bound notebook beside my keyboard.

E IMG_7508

9:00 am – Laurie has coordinated the drapery installation with our installer Lewis and with the client to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Lewis and I get the panels and hardware loaded in his van, and head off to North Raleigh.  (My GPS is a lifesaver – I don’t know what I would do without it!)

Red Window Treatments Thibaut

9:45 am:  We bring everything into the house – ladders, tools, hardware, and most importantly, the drapery panels!   In the dining room, we selected a scrolling patterned fabric from Thibaut that works beautifully with the reds in the rug.  Lewis measures twice, installs once.  I direct him on the height and placement.  An hour later, they’re up!

E IMG_7539

10:45 am – We head into the living room, which is sure to be more of a challenge because of the height, but Lewis is prepared with an extension ladder.  The brown velvet panels really soften the room!   

E IMG_7543

I marvel at how wonderfully these pillows work in the space!  The client and I are both in love – just what I was going for.  We talk about the upcoming furniture delivery (including new wing chairs for this space), which is happening tomorrow.

Lunch and Rain

1:00 pm – Lunch on the go.  I grab a bite to eat at Chick-fil-a on my way back to the office.  As soon as I get in, it starts pouring, and I’m thankful that my afternoon keeps me indoors!  We often eat lunch together around the square table in our lounge, but I’m too late for that today.

E IMG_7559

1:30 pm – I’m back to the never-ending process of checking and responding to emails, but first I check in with Brittany.  She’s been on a three-day trip to BYU-Idaho, her alma mater, to speak with current students about the industry.  We share many conversations over the half-wall that separates our desks and often provide input on each other’s projects.

E IMG_7564

1:45 pm – This is one floor of the most complicated residential electrical plan I’ve ever seen.  During the electrical walk-through for one of our new construction projects, Judy noted the changes to our original plan in blue, and I work on putting them in CAD before the second electrical walk through. 

E IMG_7566

2:15 pm – An email pops-up alerting me to the latest blog post: Hilaire posted picture updates of a current project, and because I hadn’t been to the house in a few months, I was so excited to see everything!  (You too can get email updates by clicking the “Subscribe via Email” button in the top right.)

E IMG_7574

3:00 pm – I pop in to see Rob, the newest addition to our staff.  With a background in architecture, he does beautiful CAD drawings, like the kitchen he’s finishing up now.

E IMG_7575

3:30 pm – I attempt to take a candid picture during a meeting, but Brittany catches me.  We discussed our latest segment on My Carolina Today, showing our favorite ideas for ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season.  (Check back for an update on when it will air!)

Leave Contractor Rob Taylor

4:30 pm – My second “Rob” meeting.  Rob Taylor of Taylor Build, one of our favorite contractors, stops by to discuss a project we’re currently working on in Raleigh.  We have four baths and a powder room to remodel.  Our goal is to get all of the selections made now so work can begin days after Christmas.  I fill him in on all of the tile, counter, plumbing, and finish decisions we’ve made so far.

6:00 pm – My day is done, and it’s time to head home!  Tomorrow I’ll still be working on those electrical plans in addition to a new client meeting, a rep meeting, and time spent selecting furniture and fabrics.


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My Carolina Today TV Show: Sustainability & Green Design

In case you missed it! Here is the video from Friday on sustainability and green design.

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