Current Projects: Details Are Everything at this Home in Apex

Details are everything at this spacious home in Apex.  Situated on a private wooded lot on the shores of a lake, this spacious retreat reflects our client’s bold sense of style.

My favorite detail is the family room fireplace.  It features a modern curved surround covered in glass tile.

The Master Bath is generously-proportioned and bathed in light.  A sculptural tub sits under a huge picture window next to a shower with glass tile accents.

belvedere and stair leading to it in house in apex

A spiral staircase leads to the home’s most unique feature: a room at rooftop level with a panoramic view of the surrounding treetops.

At ground level, there is a fully-equipped glass studio for the home’s creative inhabitants.

Even the bathrooms and mudroom receive a special touch with custom cabinetry.





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