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How to Accessorize Bookshelves (A Lesson From the Chancellor’s House)

A large empty bookcase can be intimidating.  What combination of books and objects should you use to make it look its best?  The Chancellor’s house at NCState is a great case study in how to make your shelves look amazing.



In the Chancellor’s Study, we used a combination of books, small framed artwork, and decorative objects to create a sophisticated display worthy of a distinguished university.  The photographs of native plant species were taken from the University’s archive, and reference the Chancellor’s own background in botanical science.


Books in warm tans and browns were chosen to complement the masculine palette of the room.  We tried to make the bookcase look natural and organic, but without totally eschewing symmetry.  We also placed books in other places around the room for continuity and interest.


In the family room, we were looking for something more graphic, so we chose a different palette.  Bright red books and colorful glass art punctuate the white bookshelves.  In this room, the shelves are arranged in square cubbies, which are great for displaying individual works of art.

We took a different approach to the books in this room, stacking them both vertically and horizontally to add some interest.  In some cases, we even turned the books around, hiding their binding at the back, and giving a whole different look.



What’s your favorite trick for arranging bookcases?


Images: 1 3 & 6. DLL    2 , 4 & 5 –  Photography by Dustin Peck Photography Images courtesy NC State University. All rights reserved.

Design Lines On Camera With My Carolina Today

Design Lines & NBC 17

What a fun afternoon!! Above Judy and Sharon Delaney from NBC 17  talk about when trying to pinpoint your style your  jewelry can tell a personal story for the second segment. This is all a part of a 13 part series with the local television show — My Carolina Today.

The focus of this first segment is to give the viewer tips on how they can change the whole feel of a room by changing the art, lamps and pillows. We felt like quick change artists as we showed 4 separate vignettes using the same sofa and chest. We show the viewer that they do not have to change the investments pieces like upholstery and case goods to get a new look .

When determining what accessories to use Judy explains it all starts with the things you love that tell your story, whether a hand made needle point pillow from your grandmother or the tree of life picture you bought on your travels to Egypt. From there find a consistent thread as you explore the things to combine together. 

Design Lines & NBC 17 taping

Above, Kim Green, the Executive Producer for My Carolina Today caught in the act of tweeting for the show and Justin, the camera man in action. Thanks Kim, Justin and Sharon.  We look forward to many more!

Stay tune, we will let you know when the segments will air and of course bring you the live footage right here on the blog.

Molly’s Find: Lighting!

Designer Molly Simmons is always finding beautiful items to place in her client’s homes. A few days ago the following page from the Anthropologie catalog was open on the Design Lines Lunch Table:

Wouldn’t this lamp in ivory porcelain look fantastic on a buffet in a kitchen or a dining room? We love the bit of whimsy it could add to a formal asethetic.

These cloisonne lamps are also very beautiful and could add some color & pattern to a mostly neutral space.

I hope to showcase more of Molly’s finds in a bi-monthly blog series. Be on the lookout for more items spotted by Molly.

Product Photos from the Anthropologie Website.

A tribute to Mr. Columbus

I had nearly forgotten that today was Christopher Columbus Day until I got an email blast from Pottery Barn reminding me to check out their sales. In anticipation of the Pear Square Event & Sale (We’re all so excited at Design Lines), I thought I’d pull together a couple of items for sale inspired by & in honor of Christopher Columbus.

We have a pair of these beautiful pierced wooden mirrors, 40″ in diameter

We have quite a few pieces of framed art with nautical & map themes. I’d pair the one above with anything cobalt & some black & white photography to make it less serious.

These wood sculptures on stands are great as abstract pieces of art, I love the rescued shipwrecked vibe.

I pulled this image from our portfolio as the most worthy of Christopher Columbus. It’s a snapshot of a study we just completed at Lake Gaston. I adore the interest that the convex mirror added to the space (thank you Restoration).

Happy Columbus Day to all!

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