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Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week: Thank You Laurie!

The Design Lines team would like to take the opportunity to thank Laurie during Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week. May 6th marks 23 years she has been with Design Lines and we only hope there are many more years to come!  


“Laurie Webster – wow – how to describe all that she does for me? We have worked together since 1993 and have certainly shared a lot. Not only does she support me in my role as designer with the many details that are involved in every stage of working with a client- but – the most important thing Laurie does for me – is make me laugh. Life is too short to not enjoy what you do and enjoy the people you work with every day. Design Lines is a wonderful place to walk into every day and Laurie ensures that.” – Molly

“I know I can always depend on Laurie’s energy and positive attitude to greet me when I come into work.  Her sunny demeanor helps make Design Lines a great place to work, and her skills and efficiency keep it running smoothly.” – Rob

“Laurie is the engine that makes everything work!” Judy

“I truly appreciate her attention to detail and the way she follows so many projects! Despite interacting with 6 designers and numerous clients and vendors daily, she stays on top of it all! She has such personal relationships with many of our vendors which allows us to provide a better service. She always pushes to get projects completed as quickly as possible which I know my clients really appreciate!” – Lauren

“I appreciate everything Laurie does around the office. She keeps the office moving forward on a day to day basis! She is an amazing business administrator and works well with our clients. She is so personable with them and really creates a warm feeling over the phone. Thank you for all that you do!”– Ashley

“I am grateful for her solution-minded thinking.  Many of my client’s dinner party deadlines have been realized because of her efforts.” – Brittany

“You ROCK!” – Hilaire

image: A Creative Mint

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