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Polka Dots: All Grown Up

Spotted and dotted seems to permeate everything these days—fabrics, wallpapers, and rooms. Varying-sized circles, spaced equally or randomly can be mature and gorgeous—not just perfectly cute for your 10 year old daughter’s room. Above, polka dots earn their place in a cozy, grown-up bedroom by Albert Hadley (from this month’s House Beautiful). From spotted Wilton-wool carpets, to metallic-papered walls, and crisp, gold, dotted linens- we think the strength of this room lies in the repetition of dots, spots, and more circles.

Below: just a few things “spotted” recently:

Harlequin’s Arkona Wallpaper in Iola

Ardecora’s ‘Tentation” Embroidered damask silk with metallic printed polka dots from India

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