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Current Projects: A Fresh Blue & White Master Bedroom

When this retired schoolteacher came to me for help, she felt overwhelmed by her master bedroom.  Since retiring, she now spends much more time at home, and the dark and dreary space wasn’t the cheerful room she was longing for.  She collected many special pieces over the years and inherited quality furniture that she wanted to use.  With a little editing and design, the room came together beautifully! 

The floor plan on the left shows the arrangement we began with.  By removing several pieces (and changing the wall color), we really opened up the space!  Take a look at where we started:

The color scheme was set – blue and green are her favorite colors.  Because of the lack of natural light in the space, the tan background of the previous window treatments just looked dingy.  We needed something light and bright!  Fabrics from Kravet, Stroheim, and Schumacher were the perfect solution.

 Sherwin Williams #6141 Softer Tan was the right neutral for the walls.

An antique tobacco chair and her collection of Seagrove pottery are among some of her most cherished posessions.  The large taupe piece is actually a chicken feeder!

Classic furniture paired well with traditional fabrics like the plaid sofa, striped shams, floral window treatments, and small scale leaf fabric on the bed skirt.  While these types of patterns have been around for ages, the fresh color palette helped make the space very current.

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From where we started, this room came so far, and I was thrilled to see the client so happy with the results!  I hope you enjoyed them too!

– Lauren 

SALE SALE SALE: Wallet Friendly Designer Pieces

Design Lines is having a SALE! We want to get rid of some of the never before used pieces of furniture that were in the 2008 ASID Women’s Club Ramblewood Showhouse. Below you will find three pieces Judy Pickett, FASID used when designing the family room. There are details of the piece, the dimensions, the retail price and of course the sale price!


Later in the week we will post additional backroom specials, so come on back better yet make yourself a regular by subscribing via email to our blog!  


Jacobean Chair, Petrified Wood, Swaim Sofa

Judy’s room from the 2008 ASID Ramblewood Showhouse.

Matt Decell Regina Console

Custom Walnut Console in a Mahogany Kona Finish 

(Pictured in between the two white chairs on the left.)

Perfect for a hallway or a sofa console.

By: Matt Decell out of Charleston, SC


Retail Price: $5,922

SALE Price: $3,849.30

Petrified Wood, Jacobean Chair


Jacobean Chair

(Pictured next to the fireplace and white sofa.)

Fit for a King! Or even a stately living room.

By: Century

Hand Carved Legs in Ivory Finish & Upholstered in

Orange & Pink Silk Plaid


Retail Price: $2,862

SALE Price: $1,883.14

Swaim sofa copy


Suitable for any modern living room or family space.

(Pictured in front of the orange wall.)

By: Swaim

Java Satin Wood Finish & Pewter Nail heads

89″w x 40″ d x 40″ h

Retail Price: $7,171

SALE Price: $4,764.42


Call us at 919-852-0570 or go to our contact page and fill out the form so we can contact you about purchasing these pieces!

Why Should You Hire An Interior Designer? { Part 1 }

Although interior design is a creative field it has a very complex business model. For years, people have associated interior design with fluff and the affluent demographic.

DLL-Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

To us, being an interior designer is about being our client’s life activist. We are about design and quality, not just about selling furniture. We are not here to tell you what kind of style you are, or make you stick to a specific trend. Ultimately it is our mission to make your life easier, more fun and more functional. It is our job to bring your dreams to life and visions of where you call home. It is through our 30 years of proven business practices and special technical and creative knowledge that we can be curators and innovators of good design. We are qualified by education, experience and examination.

DLL Portfolio-Ray Barbour

According to ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) interior designers should receive their education from a CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) qualified schools. ASID’s website has a wealth of information about selecting accredited schools  and picking the right interior design program. Here are a list of CIDA accredited schools in North Carolina.

All of the interior designers at Design Lines come from accredited schools and are members of ASID. Molly & Ashley hail from ECU, Judy calls Florida State her alma mater, Lauren received her degree from Meredith and Brittany graduated from the interior design program at BYU-Idaho.

Check back next Tuesday for {Part 2} on “Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer?” We will help you identify your goals and determine what you would want to achieve when working with an interior designer.

{High Point-Baker Showroom}: “The History of Luxury”

Design Lines, Ltd. Baker Showroom Event Jan. 2010

Judy, Ashley, Brittany, Lauren and Hilaire traveled to High Point, North Carolina yesterday to hear a talk on “The History of Luxury” by James Caughman, who is currently the senior marketing executive for the Kohler Interiors Group, responsible for the Baker, McGuire, Ann Sacks, and Kallista brands. This event was an ASID Carolinas CEU Community event. Thank you to the team at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs Showroom for hosting such a wonderful event!

The talk was very informative and further explored the history of luxury. Below are four great takeaways that we thought you might be interested in knowing from the presentation.

  • What is luxury? Luxury is about good design, wonderful materials, crafted by artisans but most importantly luxury is about an experience.
  • In the world of luxury we (Americans) look to the so called “captains” for aspiration and emulation.
  • In the past, luxury was reserved for the court, but today luxury is much more accessible. It’s changing from conspicuous consumption (buying because I can) to conscientious consumption.
  • “We live in an opaque world. We need to create transparency.” As in, it is our role (interior designers) to educate on quality and to share our knowledge.

What is your perspective on interior designers and the history of luxury? To you, how has luxury evolved over the years?

A stuffed chicken, an old hunk of wood, & a chia pet

Molly, Judy, and I traveled to the Center of the world at the beginning of the month for an
ASID Conference in High Point, NC. The conference was filled with plenty of mingling time with our fellow Carolina Designers, a superb couple of hours hearing from the talented & famous designer, Barry Dixon, & let’s not forget, our favorite…shopping time. We perused our mainstays for antiques and came home with some interesting & unexpected objects (see post title). But first, a few delicious photos from the showroom of Randall Tysinger Antiques

French cloches c. 1920 on an executive table

Scaled Beautifully

There were interesting compostions like the one above on every wall…

Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of natural slate and forged iron nightstands from France? This bed is a feast for the eyes, for sure.

Molly selecting a stuffed chicken for a lake house client, now that’s a trying decision…

Cha Cha Cha Chia! This planter, from Bali, had too much potential for a conversation starter, we just couldn’t resist. (This one can be yours, folks)

& last, but certainly not least is this stunning Petrified Wood Table with beautiful coloration we picked up for the ASID Showhouse. (Look for Molly’s blog on the topic, coming soon) At the end of the day, the DLL van was packed with a collection of interesting objects we can’t wait to place in our client’s interiors.

Color of the day: Green!

I’ve always had a fondness for our dear Mother Nature, our Planet Earth. As of late though, i’ve become accutely aware of the sizeable impact my existence has on her. This awareness has been slowly mounting, mostly from local drought warnings, the American Society of Interior Designers’ sustainable views with which Design Lines is closely aligned, as well as my love for the community of Carrboro and the following blog: www.treehugger.com/ . However, the topic was pushed to the front of my mind after viewing an Oprah on Going Green.

During the show, Oprah discussed the importance of making environmentally responsible life changes. Which prompted me to do the same. My first step? Buying this intriguing guide:

The Green Book, by authors Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen discusses interesting facts about waste, recycling, and simple solutions we all can implement in our lives. See the following excerpt:

“Use fewer paper napkins-everywhere. There’s no need to grab a huge stack of napkins from the concession stand when you know you’ll use only one or two. Each American consumes an average of 2, 200 standard two-ply napkins per year, or the equivalent of just over 6 of these napkins per day. If everyone in the United States used an average of 1 fewer napkin per day, more than a billion pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills each year. A stack of napkins this size could fill the entire Empire State Building”

I decided to challenge a few members of the Design Lines team to join me in accepting a green resolution for the new year. This is what we got:

Brittany’s (that’s me) green resolves:

1-Use less napkins

2- There’s an interesting view point which suggests the utilization of existing furniture as an alternative to subjecting the earth to the waste, fuel, and energy, involved to produce all new furniture. Say…there’s nothing more I love than antiques.

3-Bring my own bag to the grocery store for small trips as an alternative to the paper or plastic options.

My usual decision:

vs. my favorite alternative to paper or plastic. This is the Bag by designer Anya Hindmarch I’ve had my eye on since mid-summer:

Laurie ‘s green:
“I will eliminate duplicate mail order catalogs that are sent to my home and the office!
So many trees are used for mail order catalogs that just end of in the trash and our landfills. ”

Click here to see how Laurie could implement this solution in her life.

Designer Ashley Lane commits to utilize one green product in all of her designs. She plans on acheiving this goal by searching for locally made materials, or materials that are manufactured using environmentally responsible methods. Ie: http://kravetgreen.com/ Ashley could also recommend energy-saving lighting to her clients.

Lauren, our intern, commits to turning off the water while brushing her teeth. According to the Green Book, turning off the tap while brushing could save up to five gallons of water a day!

Hopefully, our small goals may have an effect on the Earth, and if not on the Earth, on us and our increased efforts to be aware of our commitment to sustainability.

I shot the picture above on a summer trip home to central Illinois.

I love this tree on Duke’s campus

What I call the “forest”, a view from inside the Design Lines lounge (this is where we eat lunch everyday), a truly uplifting space.

The end.

Award Winning Interior Design | Raleigh, NC