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Top 5 Must Haves for Back to School!

 Bust out those backpacks! It’s back to school time- we’re sad that summer is coming to a close, but look forward to cooler temperatures and crisp autumn air.  We’ve made our list of back to school must haves- so sharpen that No. 2 and jot these down.

1. The I-Pad. You know you want one.  Judy says of hers, “It’s having all the things you love to do in one place!” She listens to music, peruses the news, checks the weather, and reads on her device.  Molly adores the speed and clarity of the I-Pad.

2. Home Office Organization – Remember how new school supplies inspired your grade school self? Organization tools can also motivate you. Design Lines loves the Container Store of Raleigh- where you can find boxes, calendars, pin boards, shelving, etc. 

3. The perfect after school snack – It’s still hot out in the Triangle. Take a break with popsicles or a cool refreshing glass of peach iced tea.



4. Inspire your space – Find something that is your signature that makes you smile and use it- it could be the stamps you use or something like gold paperclips (Brittany’s favorite)- Use a beautiful glass container rather than a boring pencil cup or a shell from that summer vacation as your paper weight.  Consider the addition of wallpaper to the homework spot or beautiful new hooks to hang those backpacks from!

5. A back to school outfit – Reenergize now with an addition to your wardrobe- even if your back to school routine only includes a college class, the carpool line, or the PTA.


Some trends include colored denim, blazers, & stripes everywhere.   Consider the perfect bookish trend: new specs!

Be sure to check out last year’s list here. 


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Design Lines’s Top 5 Must Haves For Going Back to School

Design Lines Top 5 Must Haves for Back to School

Design Lines heads back to school! Here are our Top 5 Must Haves that we wouldn’t leave home without. School is a big deal and we always want to be stylin!

1. The Coolest Kids on the Block Must Have The Coolest Lunchbox.

These lunchboxes are handmade just to show just how much we care in preparing our lunch. I can’t help but smile at the patterns. These can definitely get us through the rest of the day and the horrible science experiment at 2:00pm. By the way, interior designers prefer art class over an science experiment.    


2. Color Pencils Brighten the World

Color always enriches life. In the design world we spend a tremendous amount of time matching and coordinating colors so why not bring those color pencils to school.

Design Lines Top 5 Must Haves for Back to School.notebooks

3. Notebooks = A Simplified Life

When in doubt right everything down, especially in school. While juggling many projects we find ourselves using several notebooks. It’s the only way not to loose  information….well unless you loose the notebook. Now that’s a different story.

The Cupcake Shoppe Raleigh5

4. Enjoy the Sweet Life

Around the Design Lines office, cupcakes are a guilty pleasure. The whole team enjoys a little sweetness and if I remember correctly my Granny use to always say, “Be good to yourself.” Why not enjoy a little sweet, school is hard enough.

elements of style picture frames


5. When Homework Becomes to Much to Handle…Surround Yourself with Summertime Memories.

In any work space whether you are doing homework or surfing the Internet, the team believes you should always surround yourself with the people you love and/or enjoy.

What are your back to school must haves?!


images are from Handmade Vendors or Local Stores: 1. Edan Rose 2. Urban Harmonie 3. Edan Rose 4. Google 5. Red Star Ink 6. Cake + Milk Paperie  7.Spoonfed Raleigh  8. Frames Can be Purchased Locally at Furbish

Get Hooked: August Forecast

Traditional Home Website img_bathedinwhite_ssl14

I cannot believe it’s August! I want to update you on what to expect this month on the Design Lines Blog.  

How does art make a statement in a room? Several blog posts this month will focus on art hanging, the joy of finding the right picture frame, and our  favorite artists.

Whether your children are on the traditional or the year-around calendar, the kids are heading back to school. Phew! We will have back-to-school inspired posts and a few DIY projects. For example we will teach you how to create your own chalkboard at home for the kids playroom.

For all those readers who do not live in Raleigh, we’ve got you covered. While we completed the Designer Profiles last month, our next adventure will give you a front row seat as we tour the company office. How does everyone stay organized? Where do they eat lunch? What does the resource library look like? I have always heard about that mysterious rug room, does it really have rug samples everywhere?

Hot off the Press! Design Lines will be featured in the September/October issue of Southern Lady Magazine. We will give you all the details once the issue hits newsstands, including the spread and where to buy your own copy.

As always we will have updates on current projects and our My Carolina Today segments.

This month is exciting and we can’t wait to share it with you.


image credit: Traditional Home Online

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