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Blogfest 2012: Benjamin Moore’s Color Concepts for 2013

 I LOVE when design inspires us and reaches the highest level of creativity.

While at Blogfest 2012 I heard from John Turner, the Director of Architecture and Design at Benjamin Moore & Co. He had a lot of insight and talked about 5 very specific application “concepts” that we could see with color, which is based off of Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse 2013 report. Here are my notes from his wonderful presentation!

Concept 1. The intersection of color in many creative ways

 Concept 2. The influence by color from the past and how it is “made new” again through various  materials or a term called “up cycling” materials


The designer of this T-shirt chair is Maria Westerberg. Don’t know what to do with your overwelming collection of college t-shirts? Maria created this cool piece of furniture out of old shirts. Maria, thank you for what you do!! You are changing the world.  It is a must – check out her other work.

Concept 3. The use of repurposing materials and rethinking how the material is used.

This house is made out of tires! A company called Earthship is all about creating sustainable design with recycled materials. Now that is AWESOME!  

Or how Paul Cocksedge transforms old records into loud speakers for all of our iphones. They can be purchased for a very reasonable price. 

Concept 4.  The perspective of looking at the world through a child’s eyes

The concept of comic bubbles is growing in popularity, just check out this  China Animation Museum. Designed by a Dutch firm, MVRDV  bubbles are conveyed in a new light. I totally want to visit this place.  Check out more pics of the space.

Concept 5. How we connect with digital technology and our perspective of time


Now husbands can play video games all the time and still help out with household chores at the same time. A video game washer machine by Lee Wei Chen, a Taiwanese graduate student at Kingston University, London. How clever?!! In order to get the clothes clean though you must have pretty good video skills or there goes more coins to continue to load.

Tomorrow we will highlight the specific color trends from John’s presentation. Thank you Kravet and John at Benjamin Moore, I definitely walked away from the talk inspired! Follow John on Twitter – @Colordoc

images: t- shirt chair;  Tire House ; Record;  Laundry Machine ; China Animation Museum

Concept: John Turner – Benjamin Moore

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