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To Market…




It doesn’t take high scores on an IQ test full of relational equations to realize how much DLL loves going to Market. We arrived at the High Point Furniture Market again with wider eyes, eager to take in all the Season had to offer. Howard, Judy’s husband, joined us this year, adding a new dynamic, a stopwatch, & a whole lot of fun.

We visitied some tried and true vendors’ showrooms; namely Pearson, Baker, & CTH Sherrill-Ocassionals.
We also fell in love with the showrooms of our new vendors, as well. Century Furniture , Stanford Furniture, Emeson et cie, and Global Views just to name a few.

Our observations:

Birds (we knew this was coming)
Black and White

Faux Bois and Petrified Wood

Bold patterns

Great chairs

At the end of the day we realized that Design Lines has been setting a design pace in our own right. As we saw the crop of new things we were reminded of the words of great Architect and Designer Mies Van Der Rohe, in a variety of circumstances “Less (really) is more” and some things (and by that we mean not specifically a painted porcelain foo dog or a gold lamé footstool) should just be kept in the closet.

The End.

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