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Guest Blogger Series: “Eidolon Designs”

For Mike and Ann of Eidolon Designs in Raleigh, custom craftsmanship is the way to a successful business. Ann is known by trade as a sculpture artist and Mike is an expert engineer craftsmen of custom built furniture, millwork and cabinets for over 26 years.


The heart of this business is creativity.


Raleigh custom-made furniture


While interior designers work with various textures and fabrics, Mike and Ann work various species of woods to create their pieces. Just like the color wheel there are a hundred different types and species of woods. From pine to Mahogany to Zebra wood Eidolon Designs works with it all.


Raleigh custom-made furniture 2 

For people who are unversed in customization, the process could be compared to telling a kid to stay within the perimeters of the sandbox but he can create anything he wants with the sand. To Eidolon Designs the options are limitless with a custom built furniture piece and each job is singular and unique with different qualities.

Ann says, when you buy a piece of furniture already made you are sacrificing something which is often compromising the functionality of the piece. 


Copy of Custom Kitchen Design Raleigh

 (What a great idea with the drawers that disapear at the bottom!)

Judy, the principal designer and owner of Design Lines, is always willing to take a step into this realm of creativity with Mike and Ann. She understands the importance of having a piece that does exactly what the client envisions.

If you could have a piece that does everything you want it to, what would that include? Mike calls it the client’s “wish list” and from there Mike works with the interior designer to make the piece, millwork or cabinetry a reality. 


Eidolon Designs Custom Doors Raleigh

(Custom-made doors)


Eidolon Design Custom Entertainment Raleigh

(Custom-Made Entertainment Center from Solid Cherry & Cherry Veneers for one of our clients)


Eidolon Designs Custom Shower-Raleigh2


What is on your wish list if you could create your own custom piece of furniture?

What is the one thing you have to have in your next entertainment center?


Eidolon Designs Custom Shower-Raleigh

Next post we will bring you a more in-depth look at the process. From step one of buying the wood and materials to what it takes to produce the final product. In the meantime check out Eidolons site or see there work on our most recent project together, the NBC 17 set of My Carolina Today, which airs weekdays at 11am on channel 6.

The set design/construction segment airs tomorrow at 11am!

You can see Ann & Mike on TV!

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