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Mum’s the word

I recently specified this fabric from Harlequin for a guest room. While most of the room is neutral, this fabric will be used as accent pillows on the bed. The combination of the large scale print and the bold background color will throw an impactful punch into the space, just as it does in this photo from Harlequin’s website.

Or, if you’d like to wear your mums on the floor, check out these rugs from Madeline Weinrib.

Well worth the wait

Some of you may or may not know that I moved at the end of November 2007. I have to tell you I have a new appreciation for what my clients go through when finishing the building of a new home and moving.

Part of the fun of moving for me was to be able to finally have the space for all the wonderful things we have at our fingertips from the design world. One of those things I was dying for was a rug from Niba…so low and behold I have a custom 17′ runner on order due in sometime in March. Yes, designers get no preferential treatment…I still had to wait 4 months!

But to increase the anticipation of the rug’s arrival the owner of Niba, Beth Arrowood, did a very smart thing. She sent this picture of the work in progress. It is truly something to think that this one of a kind rug was made by human hands over a period of months…for me!

Their designs are incredible so the next time you stop in to the studio ask to see the portfolio.

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