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A New Look…..

Well you think someone has thought of it all until you find something that just blows your mind. Well this is the most genius idea I have ever seen. Coming from someone that owns two dogs, one being 65 pounds and one being 15 pounds, and a cat, I would love for Santa to bring me this.

This is a nightstand with a built-in dog crate. Genius!

And the great thing is you don’t even have to use it as a nightstand, next to your bed. You could put it in the corner of your office or living room, it looks a lot better than the Wal Mart metal crate. Why not use it as an end table next to the sofa. Your friends will not notice, well maybe when weird noises start coming from it.
The best site I found was http://www.denhaus.com/. It will run you about $525.00 but what a great concept and you would spend that much on a nightstand or end table.

You can even go contemporary! This red one comes in three other colors too.

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