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Form & Function Tuesday

The sights of snow flurries in the air today got me thinking about the Myrtle Beach Vacation I took last month. I love how the picture above looks iconic in a 1960s Myrtle Way.

I love the content of these next shots: the weathered wood of the pier paired with the color of the ocean on a windy day was a restful color scheme and the truly functional form of these stools (these are used by some local Fishermen) were beautiful to me.

Meet the Cucurbita Family (Gourds & The Great White Pumpkin)

October is a great month for decorating, and now that Fall has finally decided to stand up and greet us with a cool down in the temperatures, we can decorate for the ocassion. Stephanie decorated the Barony Parade House with some handsome Martin House gourds. I bought a collection of small and lively green ones for myself at the grocery store and put them in a hurricane. Gourds and their closely related siblings pumpkins, are visually interesting thanks to their variety in color, texture, and form. I’m particularly in love with white pumpkins and the fresh aesthetic they bring to the traditional fall decorating table. I had never seen a white pumpkin until the cover of Domino Magazine‘s October Issue. But now, white pumpkins seem to be more readily availible. You can see scores of them walking into almost any Harris Teeter. I found an article on the topic to be really interesting. Who knew that “white is the new orange?”

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