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Guest Blogger Series: An Interview with the Talented Steve Staresina

I am privilege to bring to you an interview with Steve Staresina, a dear friend to the Design Lines team and also a phenomenal artist right here within the Raleigh area. Take it away Steve.

DLL: When did you first meet Judy/Design Lines?

Steve: I began working with Judy about ten years ago. She brought me on for my artisan plaster work and distressing and wood staining finishes. Our first project together was a parade home that turned out beautifully. Judy and every one of the Design Lines designers are tremendously gifted and great to work with. Every time I am called to be a part of the team I know that it will be a great experience with the highest quality of design.

Steve Staresina Plaster Painting with Copper

(Steve shown above with a commissioned piece for our client’s home above her mantel.)

 DLL: How did you develop your craft?

Steve:My artist and artisan profession grew out of my art and design studies at Kent State University. I have always had a passion for ancient and modern forms of art and visual communication. I came to Raleigh after college to find a growing, vibrant area with Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham all having their own distinct flavors of design. I have enjoyed being able to work in and flow through each area, meeting different people and making friends along the way. At the time my interest was painting on canvas. I painted more realist subjects, but I had an interest in modern design. I studied endless books on plastering, wood finishing, wood graining and other artisan and paint finishes. This has enabled me to work in Raleigh in my artisan field going on twenty years!

Steve Staresina Silver Leaf Tray Ceiling

(Above left, Steve used a faux leafing technique to mimic the look of a ultra expensive wallpaper and on the right matched the ceiling to the chartreuse fabric that lines the bookcase.)

DLL: What is so unique is that you not only do paintings, but distressing, antiquing finishing, and architectural motifs. What is the reasoning behind being so diverse in your artistic talent?

Steve:The progression of experimentation, invention and creativity has always been my focus. I want to bring a distinct and fresh approach to a design firm like Design Lines. I am currently working on recycled wood and artistic panels for walls and ceilings that can be illuminated with backlighting. These are not found typically in homes, but elements of these ideas can be used to create mood through lighting; it’s a real meld of my artistic approach to design.

DLL: For people who are not educated in fresco painting, briefly describe the technique?

Steve: My modernist fresco paintings are all natural marble and limestone plaster. I am currently working on a series entitled “Landscapes of Serene.” In the paintings there is an abundance of texture, layering and carving. A tranquility emerges from the use of ever slightly subdued colors. Judy has a wonderful client who commissioned me to paint the first of the series (which is shown above.) Over the beautiful limestone hearth, it conveys a  warm compliment to Judy’s overall interior design in the living room.

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