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DIY Project: Creating Your Very Own Chalkboard at Home

Some of the kids (if they are in year-around school) are heading back to school and many of you might be thinking about sprucing up the kid’s playroom or even creating a space to write down all your grocery reminders in the kitchen. What about using a chalkboard!! The chalkboard not only gives the room character but it also creates a unique way to use the wall space.

Here are the always popular chalkboards from Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware.

Potterybarn Chalkboard

Restoration Hardware Chalkboard

Bonnie from Go Home to Roost Blog has a great recipe for creating your very own chalkboard at home without spending a lot of money. Want to personalize it, try adding some paint too!


Here is What You Need:

– flat latex paint in your desired color

– unsanded tile grout (2 tbls for each 1 cup of paint)

– a roller or brush

– 150 grit sandpaper

– painter’s tape

– chalk


The Bella Life Blog Chalkboard

How To:

– For small areas, mix one cup at a time.  stir 2 tbsp of unsanded tile grout into one cup of paint, making sure any clumps dissolve.

– Apply the mixture to either a roller or brush and and begin painting your surface.  make sure to coat evenly and thoroughly (mine took about 3 coats).  then, let it dry.

– Once dry, sand the surface with your 150 grit sand paper to smooth it.

– To condition, run your chalk completely over the entire surface, and wipe clean.

– Enjoy your new chalkboard!

 * Let  us know if you want to see more DIY projects. We are always open to suggestions.


images: 1. Potterybarn.com 2. Restoration Hardware.com 3. The Bella Life Blog – Photography by: Mark Olson

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