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Current Project: Groundbreaking at the N.C. State University Club

Design Lines was present yesterday as N.C. State Chancellor James L. Oblinger and N.C. State University Club Board of Directors broke ground at the N.C. State University Club on Hillsborough Street at the 440 beltline.

This project started in 2004 with a vision from the long range planning committee to update and renovate the club.

After 5 years of planning and design the project is underway. The most notable change will be the front façade and the interior finishes. This will be a fun one to watch as the transformation takes place.

“The N.C. State University Club was dedicated in 1965 and serves N.C. State supporters, including faculty, staff and alumni ” NC State University Club.

Design Lines is part of the design team working with Winstead and Wilkinson Architects on the project. Click here to see a past post on the N.C. State University Club.

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