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Surface Doctors: Protecting Your Investment

I am in the process of finishing up my personal kitchen remodeling project and recently discovered Allan and Eric from Surface Doctors, who applied Granite Shield’s sealing process to my new Honed Carrera Marble countertops.  I was first introduced to them by Laura at Rock ‘interiors who fabricated the countertops.

Our before and after kitchen transformation, I have to say, is amazing!! Now, I am just waiting on the final component to be installed – the tile backsplash!

Countertops are a worthwhile investment to your home and for us; we wanted the marble to withstand life’s little accidents in the kitchen with acidic juices, red wine and vinegar.

(Above) Allen and Eric applying the sealer, and then buffing the surface with a cotton cloth to ensure the sealer is properly applied. Overall this is a 4 step process that takes about an hour and half.

Care and maintenance is another part to maintaining your investment. Allen and Eric were great in providing us with two natural stone cleaners recommended by Granite Shield.

Curious about natural stone on the surface areas of your home give us a call. Be sure to also check DLL’s previous blog post Lauren wrote about marble countertops.

I’ll keep you posted on the final result of our kitchen–so stay tuned!


Images: DLL

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