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Polka Dots: All Grown Up

Spotted and dotted seems to permeate everything these days—fabrics, wallpapers, and rooms. Varying-sized circles, spaced equally or randomly can be mature and gorgeous—not just perfectly cute for your 10 year old daughter’s room. Above, polka dots earn their place in a cozy, grown-up bedroom by Albert Hadley (from this month’s House Beautiful). From spotted Wilton-wool carpets, to metallic-papered walls, and crisp, gold, dotted linens- we think the strength of this room lies in the repetition of dots, spots, and more circles.

Below: just a few things “spotted” recently:

Harlequin’s Arkona Wallpaper in Iola

Ardecora’s ‘Tentation” Embroidered damask silk with metallic printed polka dots from India

Contact me with inquiries about all things spotted.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The designers have been contemplating this Valentine’s Day post for a while. For the occasion, Hilaire created the graphic below and Lauren & I followed it up with some inspirational room images all in our favorite lipstick-worthy shades. Love the touch of black- it grounds the feminine, ethereal atmosphere.

Paris Hilton’s Bedroom (below) she. would.
This space could inspire a whole cosmetic line. Easy, breezy, beautiful…

Party space fit for the original Barbie

Can I live here, please?
We thought this bedroom was over the top, but we had to include it anyway.

*Note the red leather bedding

A relaxing retreat (in contrast to the last 2 images) the neutral gray balances the energy of red

Adore the chest….

& from our own portfolio, these images from the ASID/Women’s Club of Raleigh Showhouse

Powder Room above by moi and living room designed by Judy.

Both spaces are indisputably fit for Valentine’s Day.

Have a lovely weekend!

*Valentine by Miss Anna Simmons (Molly’s Daughter)

Leopard Print Fabric: Vervain’s “Trophy” Print

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