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Blogfest 2012: Benjamin Moore’s Color Concepts for 2013

 I LOVE when design inspires us and reaches the highest level of creativity.

While at Blogfest 2012 I heard from John Turner, the Director of Architecture and Design at Benjamin Moore & Co. He had a lot of insight and talked about 5 very specific application “concepts” that we could see with color, which is based off of Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse 2013 report. Here are my notes from his wonderful presentation!

Concept 1. The intersection of color in many creative ways

 Concept 2. The influence by color from the past and how it is “made new” again through various  materials or a term called “up cycling” materials


The designer of this T-shirt chair is Maria Westerberg. Don’t know what to do with your overwelming collection of college t-shirts? Maria created this cool piece of furniture out of old shirts. Maria, thank you for what you do!! You are changing the world.  It is a must – check out her other work.

Concept 3. The use of repurposing materials and rethinking how the material is used.

This house is made out of tires! A company called Earthship is all about creating sustainable design with recycled materials. Now that is AWESOME!  

Or how Paul Cocksedge transforms old records into loud speakers for all of our iphones. They can be purchased for a very reasonable price. 

Concept 4.  The perspective of looking at the world through a child’s eyes

The concept of comic bubbles is growing in popularity, just check out this  China Animation Museum. Designed by a Dutch firm, MVRDV  bubbles are conveyed in a new light. I totally want to visit this place.  Check out more pics of the space.

Concept 5. How we connect with digital technology and our perspective of time


Now husbands can play video games all the time and still help out with household chores at the same time. A video game washer machine by Lee Wei Chen, a Taiwanese graduate student at Kingston University, London. How clever?!! In order to get the clothes clean though you must have pretty good video skills or there goes more coins to continue to load.

Tomorrow we will highlight the specific color trends from John’s presentation. Thank you Kravet and John at Benjamin Moore, I definitely walked away from the talk inspired! Follow John on Twitter – @Colordoc

images: t- shirt chair;  Tire House ; Record;  Laundry Machine ; China Animation Museum

Concept: John Turner – Benjamin Moore

Spring Inspiration!

Spring is officially here! Break out those Spring colors, dust off the bookshelves, uncover those lounge chairs, and sit back as we bring some beach inspired colors.

Pops of color – especially blue can add dimension and depth to any bookcase. (Top left) These bookcases are perfectly accessorized. When accessorizing your bookcase remember to stack the books horizontally and then put a trinket on them, this gives the eye visual levels and fills up the space within the bookcases.

Need a beach themed iphone case? Be sure to check out these from ShorelyChic. They can be found on Liz’s esty store. (They are are so cute Liz!)

Tight on space this Spring, try hanging our herbs in a door shoe caddy.

Love shells, but do not know how to tastyfull use them throughout the house, accent your fireplace!  


LOVE absolutely love these paints.



Above, our very own color scheme of blues for a project Molly and Brittany are working on at Figure 8.


As designers we are constantly inspired by color. Kravet and Ann Sacks have perfect blue patterns.

Need more inspiration? Follow our beach inspired pictures on our Pinterest page where you will find our “Beach Inspired” board.

images: 1. HGTVvia Pinterest by Emily Henderson  2. ShorelyChic 3. Pinterest 4.  House of Turquoise via Pinterest 5. BHG  6. DLL  8. Ann Sacks  7. 9. 10. Kravet

2012 Dreams & Aspirations for the Team

There are brief periods of time reserved during the new year for reflection, strategic planning, and goal setting. In fact, this is one of my favorite times of the year. As we look ahead into 2012, here are just a few of our dreams.

1. Get published in a national interior design magazine. We are truly honored each time we receive press on our design projects and to step into the national arena would be a dream come true for Judy and the rest of the team.

2. We are always trying to find ways to improve the client experience. As a team, every year we go back to the drawing board to fine tune our business strategies all in an effort to give our clients the very best.

“Rework” by 37 signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is a national bestselling book and a must read for this year. We were first introduced to 37 signals’s online project management tools several years ago and use Basecamp on a daily basis to communicate with our out of town clients.

3. While we support one other in the day-to-day operations of the business, we also find joy in celebrating those personal life milestones with each other. In 2012 we will be celebrating a wedding, moving into a new home, cutting a child’s 2nd birthday cake and all the little in between occasions as well.

4. Branded Spaces – At Design Lines we believe design affects everyone both within a residential setting and a commercial space, or as we like to call it the “branded spaces.” “The branded spaces serve as a tangible extension of marketing messages and corporate culture, becoming touchpoints where first – and lasting – impressions are made.” Last year, we had the honor of working with a team of talented individuals to build the NC State’s Chancellor’s House, and other commercial projects, which are outlined here. This year, we dream of continuing to take on more branded spaces projects. Wouldn’t it be cool to design a restaurant, a store, or even a hotel?!

5. Judy and I will attend “Blogfest 2012” in New York City this Spring. We are super excited!   For us it is important to hear and engage in this social media conference. The media platforms we use to communicate with are always changing and we want to be prepared for those changes.

In the new year, what do you want to see from the Design Lines blog? We care about what you have to say, so email us at hpickett@designlinesltd.com.

images: 1. Ruzzel & Hazel 2. Design Lines 3. Amazon 4. Cupcakes & Cashmere 5. Pinterest 6. Blogfest 2012– Kravet

Blogfest 2011: Inside Look at the Kravet & Lee Jofa NYC Offices



Next stop on the Blogfest agenda – touring the Kravet and Lee Jofa offices in NYC and boy was it fun!! I now have a deeper understanding of how they work and their departments within the company.



(Above left) Jennifer Powell of Kravet striking a pose at her desk. The space is so organized and clean! I wonder how they do it ?! (Above right) Various fabrics displayed for the marketing department.



(Above) Design concepts for several Kravet showrooms across the country and Canada.



(Above) The Kravet hallways. Look at all that storage, my I wish our fabric filing at Design Lines looked this good!  



 Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics, and more fabrics!



 (Above) The CAD Room where staff members work on fabric coloring. It is a must, to have big printers.



(Above) Kravet also does custom fabric requests for various projects. The one above, is for Disney.



(Above) Lilly Pultizer fabrics by Lee Jofa. I love all the pop of color. Did you know, within every Lilly pattern you will find her name? Oftentimes, it is hidden but you can see  in the lower left picture.



While technology plays an important  part in fabric coloring today, sometimes matching fabric color by paint is the best way to go. (illustrated above lower right.)



(Above left) A Lee Jofa employee who has been with the company for over 40 years – he was so passionate about all the fabrics and was extremely knowledgeable.



(Above) Trends and inspiriation boards inside Lee Jofa.



Thank you for the tour!

Next, we’ll give you some more eye candy with our visit to the New York Design Center. See you tomorrow. Continue reading

Get Hooked: May Forecast


The month of May will be a big hit!  Have you got entertaining on your mind or better yet wanna eat out? Leave it to us, as we share our favorite area restaurant reviews. We will tell you what dishes are worth getting and give you are secrets on why we recommend this eatery.

Warmer weather also means lots of travel. We’ll be journeying to Philadelphia for the Light Fair  and New York City for what I believe to be the most anticipated conference of the year – Blogfest2011, which is hosted by Kravet.

Somewhere in there we’ll even sprinkle some lifestyle posts and update you on a couple of our current projects, including the Chancellor’s House at NC State.

So Stay Tuned!

image: Waterworks Blog  

Current Projects: A Fresh Blue & White Master Bedroom

When this retired schoolteacher came to me for help, she felt overwhelmed by her master bedroom.  Since retiring, she now spends much more time at home, and the dark and dreary space wasn’t the cheerful room she was longing for.  She collected many special pieces over the years and inherited quality furniture that she wanted to use.  With a little editing and design, the room came together beautifully! 

The floor plan on the left shows the arrangement we began with.  By removing several pieces (and changing the wall color), we really opened up the space!  Take a look at where we started:

The color scheme was set – blue and green are her favorite colors.  Because of the lack of natural light in the space, the tan background of the previous window treatments just looked dingy.  We needed something light and bright!  Fabrics from Kravet, Stroheim, and Schumacher were the perfect solution.

 Sherwin Williams #6141 Softer Tan was the right neutral for the walls.

An antique tobacco chair and her collection of Seagrove pottery are among some of her most cherished posessions.  The large taupe piece is actually a chicken feeder!

Classic furniture paired well with traditional fabrics like the plaid sofa, striped shams, floral window treatments, and small scale leaf fabric on the bed skirt.  While these types of patterns have been around for ages, the fresh color palette helped make the space very current.

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From where we started, this room came so far, and I was thrilled to see the client so happy with the results!  I hope you enjoyed them too!

– Lauren 

Award Winning Interior Design | Raleigh, NC