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Blogfest 2011: Inside Look at the Kravet & Lee Jofa NYC Offices



Next stop on the Blogfest agenda – touring the Kravet and Lee Jofa offices in NYC and boy was it fun!! I now have a deeper understanding of how they work and their departments within the company.



(Above left) Jennifer Powell of Kravet striking a pose at her desk. The space is so organized and clean! I wonder how they do it ?! (Above right) Various fabrics displayed for the marketing department.



(Above) Design concepts for several Kravet showrooms across the country and Canada.



(Above) The Kravet hallways. Look at all that storage, my I wish our fabric filing at Design Lines looked this good!  



 Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics, and more fabrics!



 (Above) The CAD Room where staff members work on fabric coloring. It is a must, to have big printers.



(Above) Kravet also does custom fabric requests for various projects. The one above, is for Disney.



(Above) Lilly Pultizer fabrics by Lee Jofa. I love all the pop of color. Did you know, within every Lilly pattern you will find her name? Oftentimes, it is hidden but you can see  in the lower left picture.



While technology plays an important  part in fabric coloring today, sometimes matching fabric color by paint is the best way to go. (illustrated above lower right.)



(Above left) A Lee Jofa employee who has been with the company for over 40 years – he was so passionate about all the fabrics and was extremely knowledgeable.



(Above) Trends and inspiriation boards inside Lee Jofa.



Thank you for the tour!

Next, we’ll give you some more eye candy with our visit to the New York Design Center. See you tomorrow. Continue reading

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