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Current Projects: An Inside the Beltline Home Gets A Mid-Century Modern Makeover


Lauren, recently designed this downtown historic home and used playful colors that evoked this uplifting and cheerful space. The client’s former suburban home was filled with neutrals and earth tones, but they were ready for a change. 

As a former gallery owner, this client is an art lover.  We began the design process by placing pieces from their collection.

 This charming 1920s house was renovated completely and staying within the footprint kept room sizes cozy.  Creative space planning allows the space to function well for today’s lifestyle.


For example, the formal dining room is now used as a casual dining and living space.  It is connected to the kitchen for the feel of an open floor plan. 

The space was designed not only for our clients but also for their four beloved cats.  With a tendency to scratch furniture, we focused on working with fabrics like velvets and ultra-suede that weren’t as attractive to them.

The color palette consists of a unique scheme of blues, greens, and purples. 

 The design features a mid-century modern style contrasted against classic architectural details and 100-year old pine floors. 

In the family room, we designed a panel over the mantel to allow a television to be installed there.  The floor plan didn’t allow for another location that could be viewed as easily and without the over mantel panel, the television wires couldn’t have been connected properly. 

The soft blue and white trellis wallpaper in the bathroom and the pops of teal and green in the bedroom give a calming and luxurious feeling to the space. 

images: By Design Lines Ltd.

Current Projects: Johnny’s Atomic Ranch {Part One}


In his initial inquiry for some design help, our client, Johnny admitted the following: “I currently have several pieces of camping chairs I use as living room furniture.”  Johnny had moved from a 500 square feet apartment in NYC to a 3 bedroom house in North Raleigh.  And the space was beckoning to be infused with his personality!

  I asked him to do his homework and bring a few inspiration images to our meeting.  When he arrived, he placed this book (pictured above) on our conference table, saying “this is what I want!” We perused the images together and I was a little hesitant knowing that Johnny did not own a mid century modern ranch- but rather a more traditional Colonial home built in 2004. Below: the dramatic fruits of our efforts- it’s amazing what a bold paint color can do, don’t you think? 


     We utilized a primary color palette and used mid century modern finishes- like chrome, lacquer and walnut. The symmetry of a pair of bachelor’s chests in red lend strength and balance to the fireplace wall.

Stay tuned as the transformation continues tomorrow in the dining room…




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