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Thanks Molly

“After 19 wonderful years at Design Lines Ltd. I have decided to leave the firm. My time here has been a fantastic experience – enriched daily by the relationships I have built and the individuals and families who have allowed me to become a part of their homes and lives. Your trust and friendship has been powerful and has given me years of happiness in the field of design that I so dearly love.” – Molly


Molly thank you for all the years you have given to Design Lines Ltd. We will miss you and wish you the best as you start a new chapter in your life.

Hickory Chair University: Molly’s Perspective

On our tour of the Hickory Chair Furniture Manufacturer – late in the day I found this beautiful wing chair in their Mezzanine Showroom. At first glance – it’s just a great wing chair – but a closer look reveals the smoothest curves and shape that creates this chair. Possibly no other chair design has been reproduced over time as the wing – but so often it is poorly done. THIS is perfection. Hickory chair purchased the original chair by John Townsend from Rhode Island and copied it with precision. The wooden frame itself is carved and shaped to capture those curves without relying on the upholstery to shape it. Check out the movement of the curves across the back. This Townsend Wing Chair could easily fit into many interiors – and hopefully one that can showcase it’s beauty from all sides.

Inspiration, M & Ms, and Candy Shoppe Silks

Designer Molly Simmons and her daughter Anna recently returned from a weekend in New York City. While there, the pair ventured to M&M’s World and brought back some custom colored M&M’s for the Design Lines crew. My personal favorite colors in the mix were the light blue and lime green. Last week, at our fabric showroom, I was inspired by Schumacher’s Carnivale Silk Stripe in Chocolate. The colors were delectable, uplifting, and cheery—like a Belgian confectionary—and just like the vibrant custom-colored M&Ms (click here to make your own). Colors can enhance one’s mood, mindset, and experience. The end-of- the-day-moral-of-the-story is that inspiration can be found from a myriad of sources, even ones that melt in your hand, or um…mouth.

Anna Simmons in front of the Mrs. M & M Statue of Liberty
In photo above: Some gorgeous new Black Walnut flooring & the inspiring custom M&Ms

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