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A Closer Look: NYC Favorites Part 2

There are so many things to do in New York in the summer that it’s hard to pick favorites.  Here’s a list of some things you definitely won’t want to miss:

1. Public Art.  There’s no better place to see public art than in New York City.  But see as much of it as you can, because many of the public sculptures are changed-out regularly.  Below are some of my favorites from this summer (clockwise from upper left: Jaume Plensa’s Echo in Madison Square Park, Egyptian Temple of Dendur permanently installed at the Metropolitan Museum, various sculptures by Sol Lewitt in City Hall Park, Robert Pruitt’s Andy Monument near Union Square).

 2. Window Displays at Bergdorf Goodman   I thought the old days of glamorous hand-made window displays were over… until I passed Bergdorf Goodman on 5th avenue.

3.  Chickpea and the La Maison du Macaron are two of the best places to get a quick snack.  Chickpea, with several locations throughout the city, is known for baking instead of frying it’s falafel- a delicious and healthy alternative. But save room for Desset at La Maison du Macaron (where I learned that Macarons are not Macaroons).  You can get these delicious Frrench treats made with egg whites, sugar and almond powder in almost any flavor imaginable.  My favorite is the Rose variety, beautifully decorated with flecks of gold leaf.

Happy travels!


Highlights From the Business of Design Conference In New York City

New York City

One of the coolest things about my job is traveling to the Business of Design Conferences twice a year. A week ago Judy and I headed up to New York City for three days to gain master level training about the business of design. I feel as if I am back in school at these conferences. I love it! I have my laptop in hand and quickly take as many notes as I can, in hopes of bringing these thought provoking strategies and business practices back to the rest of the team for implementation.

Judy and I heard from many speakers, including the 4 below: Tobi Fairley, Steve Nobel, Adam Japko and Pam Danziger.

Speakers at Business of Design Conference 2010

Tobi Fairley talked all about the endless possibilities of having online conversations through social media and how online influencers can create a viral success for you and your business. Building an online media presence takes time and a lot of patience.

Steve Nobel gave us great insight into the consumer and the luxury market as a whole from fashion to interior design to the luxury lifestyle itself.  How do we become the best interior designers we can be? Not only do we need to be educated in our products, but also understand our clients’ purchasing preferences while effectively communicating the value of living well.

Adam Japko was the king of SEO. His focus was on content marketing and gave advice on what we should be doing to leverage our social media content.

Pam Danziger presented research findings on the luxury market and talked in-depth about consumer psychology. This information helps us understand our clients and howe we can best serve them.

Thank you to all the guest speakers your expertise.

David Shepard with Loni

Some of the fun stuff included David Shepherd, CEO of Designing Profits, Inc. giving a kiss to the “Business of Design” Service dog, named Lani. Since the Business of Design conferences started 6 years ago, David has donated 10% of all our conference profits to sponsor a rescue dog through the Quest Foundation. It takes 10,000 to train a whole dog and this conference we finally got our DOG! It was a wonderful surprise during the final hours of the conference.

Thanks David!


Judy & Hilaire Are In-Route to NYC

TimesSQ_V1_460x285Joe Buglewicz

Judy and Hilaire are in route to NYC for the Business of Design 2010 conference from Designing Profits, Inc. They always come back energized! This conference is the equivalent to receiving ivy league business school training. They learn new high-level business strategies, hear from inspirational speakers within the interior design industry, panelists and of course network with other successful interior design firms from all over the country.  

This time around they are going to hear keynotes from Tobi Fairley “one of the Top 20 Young Designers in America for 2009,” luxury experts Steve Nobel, Pam Danziger, and  Adam Japko.

Hilaire will keep you updated throughout their trip. They might even squeeze in a few hours to shop or site see!

BrooklynBridge_V1_460x285 Alex Lopez

images: 1.  Joe Buglewicz  2. Alex Lopez

Inspiration, M & Ms, and Candy Shoppe Silks

Designer Molly Simmons and her daughter Anna recently returned from a weekend in New York City. While there, the pair ventured to M&M’s World and brought back some custom colored M&M’s for the Design Lines crew. My personal favorite colors in the mix were the light blue and lime green. Last week, at our fabric showroom, I was inspired by Schumacher’s Carnivale Silk Stripe in Chocolate. The colors were delectable, uplifting, and cheery—like a Belgian confectionary—and just like the vibrant custom-colored M&Ms (click here to make your own). Colors can enhance one’s mood, mindset, and experience. The end-of- the-day-moral-of-the-story is that inspiration can be found from a myriad of sources, even ones that melt in your hand, or um…mouth.

Anna Simmons in front of the Mrs. M & M Statue of Liberty
In photo above: Some gorgeous new Black Walnut flooring & the inspiring custom M&Ms

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