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A Closer Look: John Chamberlain

John Chamberlin (1927-2011) is a great example of an artist who made a career out of exploring one material.  For him, that material was crushed car parts.

His sculptures are surprisingly delicate  & elegant considering their source.  I am always amazed at how Chamberlain was always able to find new colors, shapes, and configurations to explore.

Some belive Chamerlian’s use of metal is akin to translating Abstract Expressionist brushstrokes into three dimensions.  Others simply see beautiful compositions.  Whatever the source, these are some of my favorite sculptures to look at.  I hope you enjoy them too.



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A Closer Look: Beverly McIver

An artist from Durham is currently being featured with a solo show at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  And you won’t want to miss it!

Reflections: Portraits by Beverly McIver celebrates the last decade of work from the native of North Carolina.  She is renowned for her expression-filled, emotive canvases that commemorate her life and the lives of those closest to her—in particular, her mother, Ethel, who passed away in 2004, and her sister, Renee, who is mentally disabled.

The exhibition highlights these two subjects in McIver’s work, focusing solely on her self-portraits and on portraits of Renee and other family members. “All of my portraits are self-portraits,” says the artist. “I use the faces of others who reflect my most inner being.”


The show runs through June.  For more info: http://ncartmuseum.org/



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text: http://ncartmuseum.org/

Current Projects: Torah Mantles Exhibit at the North Carolina Art Museum

We are extremely honored to share with you a very special project that we have been working on for the last year with the North Carolina Art Museum and Ruth Cox.


NCAM Torah Exhibit 2010 Ruth Cox & Design Lines, Ltd 2


This project began with John Coffey’s request to display three ensembles of silver Torah ornaments, called klei Kodesh – the crowns or finials, pointers and shields-in a realistic, contextual manner. The presentation as you see it today, was a joint creation between the Museum’s curatorial, design and conservation departments. The fabrics were selected from textiles presented by Judy Pickett and the staff at Design Lines, Ltd. of Raleigh and the project researched, fabricated and conceptualized by Ruth Cox.

The design of the mantles as well as the fabrics and trims were selected to reproduce a plausible facsimile of Torah mantles appropriate to the date, location and style of each of the three sets of ornaments.

Through discussion with John Coffey and the Friends of Judaic Art Gallery leadership it was decided to represent both Ashkenazi (Jews of Central or Eastern European descent) and Sephardi (Jews of Spanish or Portuguese descent) style mantles in the display.

NCAM Torah Exhibit 2010 Ruth Cox & Design Lines, Ltd

The color palettes selected were cream to golds, for the fall High Holidays, burgundy and wines (still in the designing process) for the winter months and blues for the spring and summer. The color balance between all three covers in any one hue had to be distinctive to each ornament ensemble.


Once the burgundy torahs are finished we will be glad show you, so stay tuned.

Text provided by: Ruth Cox

Current Projects: “The Club” at 12 Oaks in Holly Springs


Design Lines 12 Oaks Front Door

Molly recently joined the team over at 12 Oaksdevelopment out in Holly Springs; working with Chris Wallace and Jim Anderson from LandTech Receiver Services, which is an affiliate of LandTech Incorporated out of South Carolina, and David Mason. They immediately hit it off and Molly became a part of the team working hard to accomplish the impossible. Within three months selections were made, furniture was ordered for both the inside and outside spaces, art displayed and every outside greenery specially hand picked.

The reason for the hussle? The 7th Annual Holly Springs Economic Development Partners Event evening reception was at The Club at 12 Oaks.

This project was truly a team effort and fun at the same time!

Design Lines 12 Oaks Interiors Holly Springs   Above are three shots of a few of the indoor spaces Molly designed.


The development was built around a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Currently, there are approximately 18 houses built along with the model home and The Club, which houses the golf shop, the grill and exercise room.


Design Lines 12 Oaks Holly Springs

 Above left to right: Molly,  Chet VanFossen, the architect and David Mason at the reception.

Save the Watts for the holidays

This morning Hilaire & I attended a fabulous Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Meeting. A conversation regarding a balanced approach to energy was led by our new friend & Progress Energy Community Relations Manager, Marty Clayton.
We already strive to implement & specify only responsible lighting systems & appliances in the new construction projects we have. But the discussion was insightful & got us at Design Lines really thinking about what we could do to use energy in a more responsible way everyday. We learned some valuable lessons this morning & though we can’t share with you the Compact Florescent Light Bulbs Marty gifted to us (thank you Progress Energy) we’d like to share a few of the major points Marty shared with us & some other Chamber members.
1- The easiest rule of energy conversation really is simple & responsible:
Don’t need it? Turn it off.
2- Why don’t we all consider researching/looking at Senate Bill #3 ?
3- Savethewatts.com by Progress Energy really is an education in simple energy saving tips. For instance:
“Unplug your home office when not in use! In the average home, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off but still plugged into the wall. “
I know when I leave for my Illinois home next week I will be turning the thermostat down to 60 degrees & will turn off my water heater.

How will you save energy for the holidays and the New Year?

*I took the photo above a few winters ago at my Grandmother’s home in Idaho.

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