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Stark Carpet Introduces Stark Paint

Stark Paint Color Walls

Today Stark Carpet’s Tim Cohen  from the Charlotte Showroom, presented the latest products from Stark at a lunch and learn. Thanks Tim for the lunch! Our favorite new product was Stark’s new paint collection. The palette is full of luscious colors fit for any area of the house!


Stark Paint Ad

Recent buzz about the paint has been in Elle Decor, New York Times and Home & Garden Magazine.

David Oliver Elle Decor

“Colorist David Oliver, designer, author and renowned colors specialist, brings an artistic, aesthetic expertise to designers through his knowledge of historic colors and their application to modern interiors.” Another plus?  The paint is non-toxic with no VOC’s. This paint is perfect for homes with children and pets.

Design Line’s favorites include “Squid Ink,” “Fog,” “Deep Water Garden,” “Foundation,” “Elizabethan Red,” and “Diva.”   

Stark Paint Cans

Images: Stark Facebook Page & Stark Paint

Spruce Up Before You Sell Your House


Earlier this fall, Design Lines was asked by Triangle Blvd and  Howard, Perry & Walston to give some simple design tips on how to spruce up your house for the big sale. Molly and Lauren made their debut as tip experts!


To see more videos head to Triangle Blvd.tv and click on the real estate channel. Below you will find the list of tips given by Molly and Lauren.

Tip 1. Organize, Organize, Organize
People want to walk into a space that is clean, uncluttered, and organized. You can get there by:

· Take a serious look at your closets, especially your master closet, linen and pantry closets.

·Organize, get rid of things you haven’t used or never will, add a closet system (easyclosets.com or the local home improvement store)

· Clean the garage so it looks like cars will actually fit. Organize the tools, bikes, toys, garden equipment and golf clubs. Perimeter storage would go a long way in helping to sell the house. Be sure the walls and garage floor are clean.

· Organize the kid-room clutter. Put the toys away and neatly display collections.

Tip 2. Lighting is key
Whether natural or artificial, providing pleasing light levels for each room is key.

· Be sure to have the right wattage in all fixtures and lamps, install dimmers on key important fixtures. Check for missing bulbs.

· Remove dark or heavy window treatments…simple blinds are sometimes better than cumbersome drapery.

· Update table and floor lamps with new shades.

Tip 3. Paint and Finishes
Nothing creates an emotive reaction more than color. You want that reaction to be positive. Here is how:

· Neutralize and lighten your wall colors. Some favorites or ours are SW Accessible Beige and BM Natural Cream, Pale Oak and Tapestry Beige.

· Remove dated wallpaper and borders…borders tend to make a ceiling look lower and they are outdated.

· The exterior is as important and the interior. Check your front door…could it look good painted a bright color maybe red? Or does black seem to be just the right color. One we use is SW Tri-Corn Black. This may lead to a face lift on the shutters too.

· New exterior light fixtures and visible house numbers will also add to the curb appeal of your home.

· You can update that shinny brass dining room fixture with a can of black spray paint! Desirable (sellable) finishes are: satin or patina brass, bronze, and silver tones.

· Another easy finish update is cabinet hardware. Be aware of the plumbing finishes if you are not changing those but new cabinet hardware can give your whole kitchen or bath a face life.

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