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A Closer Look: Gaetano Pesce’s Unusual Chairs

One of the advantages of mass production is consistency and predictability.  But when it comes to home furnishings, what if we want something unique and personal?

Gaetano Pesce has come up with a solution to this problem in a most unusual way.  An Italian designer known for his colorful resin furniture, Pesce enlists the help of furniture makers in determining the final look of his chairs.  Each piece is manufactured according to a standard design, but there is  alot of room for improvisation.  The furniture makers ultimately choose what color the chairs will be.

Take a look at the examples in this post – all of these “Brodway” chairs start out the same, but they soon become as unique as their makers.

Pesce is achieving something that we at Design Lines strive for everyday: creating unique solutions that are personal and anything but mass-produced.


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