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Ashley’s Thoughts On Designing a Nursery

Designing a nursery should be fun and an adventure! I always tell clients once you know the gender, begin gathering ideas on different color concepts or themes for the nursery. If you plan on waiting to find out the gender that is okay too, not to worry.  

Today’s color trends tend to be more modern and bright; but this doesn’t mean you can’t go for the soft pinks and blues. These days there are a tons of inspiration on blogs, etsy, and Pinterest. Design Lines has even created a “children’s room” board especially for the mother to be, so take a look.

For a current client of mine, I designed the nursery using a bold gray on the walls and then pulling yellows, pinks, and creams in the window treatment, chair and crib bedding fabrics.

Once the room is complete I will be sure to share the final look, so stay tuned!

Another thought to consider…is you must have a COMFORTABLE chair. As a mother you will spend a lot of time in the nursery so be sure you find a chair you love. I would even splurge on buying a cool ottoman too that compliments the chair, plus who doesn’t want to put there feet up. Those first couple of weeks you need all the rest you can get, so make it comfy for yourself!

Have you thought about accessorizing the nursery? While  you want to steer away from the small trinkets that the kids can easily put in there mouths…these accessories offer great solutions depending on your color scheme.

Frames hold great family photos. Need some trinkets to hold valuables? Boxes and trays are always an option or consider a side table next to the chair like this one from Lucy Smith Designs. Interested in purchasing any of these accessories? Give us a call! 919-852-0570.

– Ashley

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