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Current Projects: This Olde Farmhouse Update

  Interior Design of Farmhouse Raleigh NC Design Lines

Time for an update! Back in November of 2008 Ashley started this olde farmhouse project. The overall concept was to use all the existing material from the original house which dates back to the 1800’s. There are only two new additions to the house; the hardwood floors in the master bedroom and the two exterior dutch doors that were built by the contractor.


The front door view above shows a large stone step which was part of the original foundation of the house. We still are missing shutters, a swing, a few good rocking chairs, and the screens for the back porch. I can totally see myself moving in tomorrow!


Exterior hardware is also not shown yet.

Interior Design of Farmhouse Raleigh NC Design Lines3 

The interior kitchen area is still under construction, we are missing the doors to the cabinets. The overall aesthetic feel of the farmhouse style is best shown through the Rohl faucet, Rohls cast iron farmhouse sink, Venetian Calcutta marble from Rockin’teriors, and the Walker Zanger hand-glazed tiles.

Interior Design of Farmhouse Raleigh NC Design Lines2

 The master bath, will take on an old rustic feel with the original fireplace, mirror, and walls.

Interior Design of Farmhouse Raleigh NC Design Lines4

Above are some of the details of this olde farmhouse; the latch on the dutch doors, horizontal wood panels in the master bedroom, and the ceiling detail in the living room. This reclaimed farmhouse has come a long way and has a little bit longer to go. But look for more the 1st week of September after our furniture install, completion of cabinets and final touches are complete. To see previous updates from the project click on the dates, July 9th 2009 and August 20, 2009.

I adore OLY Studio.

This postcard from OLY Studio came in the mail today with the rest of the High Point Fall Furniture Market teasers. They are really piling in now, we keep them in a beautiful porcelain container on the transaction counter near Laurie’s desk and peek at them during lunch (see photo below) The styling of the postcard caught my eye, but let’s be honest, so does anything from OLY. Their collections are eclectic & clean, with some pieces looking very Hollywood Regency and others looking rustic and earthy with hand hewn qualities.
For instance:
I just specified the Elisabeth Buffet for a client’s Dining Room. I love the details on this piece.

The pieces below will be at our first ever sale- The Pear Square Event the first week in November. (You can call the studio if you’re interested in them, now though)

The Christine Cocktail Table would look so great with piles of big books underneath it.

A pair of Bella sonces could break up a photo arrangement in a gallery hallway.

This,albeit, huge, is the. perfect. mirror.

I would hang it on a wall in my bedroom & tape just a few b & w photos on it a la The Diving Bell & The Butterfly (which I also love) to make it a little less stuffy.

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