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Guest Blogger Series: Hardware & Plumbing with Taps & Latches

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In every guest blogger series we strive to educate our readers on other Raleigh area businesses that have a strong working relationship with Design Lines and bring that same level of knowledge and expertise to the luxury housing market within Raleigh.

You may not have thought about it this way, but the hardware within a house can change the look of a bathroom, front door or even kitchen.  Do you ever think about those details within your house?

Today, we have focused on Rick Jacobs who has teamed up with David Fitchett and Mike Wilkins to form Taps & Latches. Currently, their showroom is located inside the Carolina Glass & Mirror Showroom in Garner, right off of Interstate 40.

What are some hardware details that clients sometimes overlook?

Clients tend to over look flush leavers (the leavers you hit when you flush) and supply lines (which are the plumbing lines behind a toilet. ) Who knew?

What is your favorite type of hinge?

Square-quarter hinge (below is a picture of one from Baldwin, which is a line Rick carries.)

Baldwin square corner hinge

If you could have any doorknob/door what would it look like?

If I could have any doorknob, it would be a contemporary steight lever with a polished chrome finish.

(Here are a few pictures from the showroom.)


What are some trends specific to Raleigh?

Clients in and around the Raleigh area are using more deco contemporary looks that are clean and easy to wipe down. More polish chrome than anything!! People today are thinking outside the box. They are not so matchy matchy anymore.

When did you first meet Judy?

Rick met Judy back in 1994 when Judy was looking for hardware for a specific project. At the time Rick was at Raleigh Contractor and down the road they ended up meeting again on several other new construction projects. Now today, they look back and cannot believe it has been over 14 years since their business partnership started.


Rick & Judy at the Design Lines 3oth Anniversary Party

Judy Talks About the Set Design on My Carolina Today

Judy’s first television debut on My Carolina Today! We are all so proud. The video below talks about the inspiration and the vision we had for the set.

Judy talks about the Australian Wormy Chestnut floors which was installed by Bill with Select Forest Products.

Mike & Ann from Eidolon Designs, we couldn’t have done the set without them. Thank you Mike & Ann!

Rick of Taps & Latches talks about the special details-the hardware.

Of course can not forget the lighting too”House of Lights of Cary.” Greg with Judy & Sharon.

We will keep you posted on what we will be filming for our next segment!

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