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Design Lines Visits the Heart of Texas {San Antonio}


Judy and Hilaire spent this past weekend in the deep heart of Texas –  San Antonio for the annual BPN (Best Practices Network) Winter Conference led by Designing Profits, Inc. CEO David Shepherd.

 They were in all day sessions advancing their knowledge of business strategies, marketing, communications and operations. The network brings together the best interior designers throughout the United States to share best practices in interior design.

If you are ever interested, the city of San Antonio has a flickr stream and YouTube Channel that you must check out! To me San Antonio was like the American Venice. We thoroughly enjoyed our time!


 David Shepherd at BPN Conference in San Antonio, Texas

(Above Designing Profits, Inc. CEO David Shepherd about to award the golden sombrero.)


Texas BPN Conference in San Antonio, Texas

(Above Hilaire on day 2 of the conference, thank goodness my brain hadn’t exploded yet.)


BPN 2010 Winter Conference Judy

(Above left to right: Three ASID Fellows – Robert Wright,

Diane Gote and Judy. Still learning after all these years.)


Diane Gote and Judy Pickett

(Judy and her dear friend Diane Gote from NJ.)


Get Hooked: February Readers Forecast

Februarygraphic copy

This Feburary we have a lot of neat posts planned for you, our readers! We will continue with our “Why Should You Hire An Interior Designer?” series every Tuesday. We will focus on newlyweds and how we suggest starting the process of merging your things together.  Also, we will describe the role of an interior designer and the value they can provide a client. 


We will share with you a couple “before and after”projects and even give you some updates on our commercial projects. We are also hoping to highlight some of the builders we work with to give you some of their tips on what they recommend, when starting a remodeling project or building a new home.


Gear up for some creative posts on Valentines Day, Feb 12th (the start of the Olympics), our trip to San Antonio, Texas for the annual BPN Conference and the Carolina Ballet Cinderella Ballon February 20th.

San Antonio Logo


Carolina Ballet Ballet carriage graphic


Like the Designer Profiles? We will be featuring Molly this month and be on the lookout for another series called “Styles of Design.” Our goal for this short series is to educate our reader on the various styles of design, the differences between them and what makes each style unique.

How could I forget “Droolworthy” Lauren always brings the best on the latest products out there. So check every Wednesday for her weekly series.

Check back at the beginning of each month as we forecast our daily blog calendar for you so you can keep coming back and of course get hooked!

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