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Current Project: This Olde Farmhouse Update

Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina

An update on the 1800’s farmhouse project! We want to share with you the most recent pictures from the furniture installation. The “farmhouse” themed furniture creates an inviting and restful space. The leather wing chair, country occasional chair, and burlap ottoman (shown in another picture below) came from Hickory Chair.

The country occasional chair (shown above on the left) is adapted from an antique rocking chair which is just perfect for the room.

Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina 6

Displayed in front of the TCS straight arm sleeper is a unique coffee table. What looks to be a coffee table is actually an incredible 80 year old find. This piece is actually a hand made flour bin with original hand-wrought-iron handles. With an addition of a custom iron base and hand-cut glass this Sarreid piece is also doubled as a display case for the antiques and mail found within the house during demolition. (Keeping all the artifacts from the house were important to the client.)

The other antiques and paperwork displayed throughout the house are framed by Bev’s Fine Art .

Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina 3


(Above left) We can’t do our job with out him, Lewis our installer hangs framed antiques on a wall just outside the bathroom door. (Above right) Ashley places old mail, newsletters, and receipts from the 1930’s, ’40’s and ’50’s into the flour bin coffee table.


Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina 4


The original door hardware is replaced with an almost exact replica. (Shown above).  The cream porcelain knobs give this farmhouse a touch of personality.


Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina 2


(Above) Are several other pieces of framed artifacts the clients found during demolition.

The master bedroom is a great retreat for guests or even the out-of-town grandparents. The poster bed and beautiful arched armoire from Hickory White  were finished in distressed woods, while the client’s mother saved a stunning floor length mirror and rocking chair to help complete this cozy bedroom.


Design Lines Interior Design Farmhouse North Carolina 5


The exterior of the house, the kitchen island, and landscaping  are still under construction, but as soon as these items are done this farmhouse project will be complete! We will continue to update you on the progress.

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“This Olde Farmhouse” Part II

The farmhouse project is well under way! It is amazing that such a small project can turn into such an amazing amount of history.

Here is a snap shot of the job site, though there is so much more to this land. You are never alone when you drive up to the site.

What do I mean? There are days that the construction is quiet, but what is amazing are the deer that run freely through the property.

When I drove up this day there were three deer just playing in the driveway. Two ran off, but I got a picture of one. I am going to start naming them. It is pretty amazing!

Sitting right in front of the half-torn-down, half-being-built-back-up farmhouse is a piece of history. It is nice to be reminded of what was and what is to come.

This is the stack of wood that was removed from the house during demolition. It is all going back in some sort of way. We intend on making the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom cabinets from the wood. Also the existing hardwoods will go back down.

This is a view looking into the master bedroom. It is hard to make out right now, but soon it will be a cozy little bedroom with a screen porch off the back.

This is a view looking into the bathroom. Soon you will see a full frameless glass shower enclosure, with a decorative cabinet, and amazing tile!

These are the colors we are thinking about for the exterior. We want to go with a light grey tone for the entire house which will play nice with the brick red metal roof. All the old shutters and front door will go the darker grey tone.

A sneak peek inside the house:

Tile from Walker Zanger will help take the house back to its original time. This tile is from the Contessa collection which is a hand-painted tile. It will be accented in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

This is a shot from the local showroom, Byrd Tile, that we specify Walker Zanger tile from. This is a snap shot of the kitchen back splash. It will be accented by a rough natural wood cabinet.

Here is a sneak peak at the marble we are using for the kitchen and the bathroom – Vermont Imperial Marble. Laura, from Rockin’teriors, one of our amazing fabricators, found it for us.

“This Olde Farmhouse”

So a previous client of Design Lines bought land near Lake Wheeler. On this piece of property was this beautiful old farmhouse. This land use to be used for old tobacco fields and farming, so there is history that goes back to the 1800’s.

They are renovating this to create a farmhouse that will be used for a guest house. The house is neighboring their house, so a cobblestone pathway will separate the two.

All of the previous hardwoods, siding, basically anything that can be reused will be put back into the house. The contractor is even using some of the old wood to build the custom cabinetry for the kitchen.

While in this process you can imagine the great finds that they came across. A set of receipts were found from the tobacco bails that were sold. They even found mail from the 1950’s. All of these finds and more will be preserved and put back in the house for character.

…………….. So I am beginning this series to show you the wonderful changes that will occur and hopefully completed at the end of the year. I also am finding some wonderful resources that I have to share, because they are too good to keep to myself!

As you can see the house is getting a face lift and a stability check! First they have to reinforce the house, because it was still standing on the old stones that it was the first time it was built. They don’t build foundations the same way as they did in the 1800’s.

The roof is going to remain the same style, but a newer product will be used that will last many more years. We have decided that a brick red metal roof will be perfect.

Well that is it for now. Soon you will see phases of the farmhouse being completed and I look forward to sharing all of the great concepts and products that we find. To be continued……….

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