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A Powder Room Transformation

Even though a powder room seems small, it can take longer to transform than a master bathroom. Don’t ever let size fool you. The smaller the room, sometimes the longer it can take.

This powder room was an amazing transformation. We started with the builders basic pedestal sink, white walls, and standard vanity lights. We were ready to move forward……..

This is the beginning of the project. We did have the existing hardwoods working for us, so we did not have to mess with that portion of the project.

Here is the after……..
These few additions transformed this powder room from standard basic, to elegant and fabulous.
Rule #1: Remove the vanity light and replace it with a decorative chandelier. You can really step outside the box because it becomes a focal point. This particular chandelier is from Currey and Company.
Rule #2: Always add a decorative mirror above the vanity. The client found this one from Horchow. What an amazing difference.
Rule #3: Go sophisticated on the vanity. You can get a vanity that is your style, contemporary, transitional, traditional, or modern, but spend a little more on it. It becomes the glue to the room. This amazing vanity is from Ambella Home, and literally took three months to get.

Rule #4: Your faucet, toilet paper holder, towel bars or rings, any plumbing features or accessories, are basically the jewelry to the room. This Sigma Faucet came wrapped in a box like you would see a diamond ring pulled from. These pieces are important and spend time picking them out. They can make or break a room.

Rule #5: Always add one more element that the person next door would not ever think of. In this powder room the client and I decided to pull out the gold shimmer from the wallpaper and paint the ceiling. This really created an extra touch of elegance that the room needed. Without it, a ceiling painted white, would be a huge eye sore.

Rule #6: The last rule and one of the most powerful rule of all powder rooms. WALLPAPER. Ok, so I know what you are thinking, but wallpaper has come a long way. You would be surprised what is out there. It really made a difference in this powder room. It was a building block from the beginning. This great wallpaper came from Stroheim.

Another transformation with an amazing ending!

Website of the weekend: Designers Guild

Here’s a little color (or shall I say colour?) inspiration for your weekend. I was perusing the Designers Guild website for some fabric and came upon their paint products. The hues were remarkable and decidedly European in their saturation levels.

From the website:

“The Designers Guild paint range of 98 exciting paint colours reflects a fresh and dynamic approach to modern living. The paint is of superb quality and offers enormous coverage.”
I am especially drawn to their collection of pinks & fuschias- they are beautifully vibrant & unusual. My favorite part of the website was comparing the paint colors- this tool allows you to create schemes very easily. See mine in the screen capture below:
Be sure to check out their website to see a diverse collection of inspired fabrics and schemes. I love the image below:

Photos from the Designers Guild website.

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