Who We Are

Brittany Roux Allied Member, ASID

in a nutshell

  • As an interior-design student at BYU-Idaho, sought out an internship at Design Lines
  • Degree in hand, she came back to stay
  • Loves to find the right mix of fabrics and furnishings
  • Known for her outgoing personality, down-to-earth demeanor and heart of gold – and quickly turning clients into friends
  • Pours some of her creative energy into overseeing the Design Lines blog

in real life

  • Favorite Vacation Spots: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Bear Lake, Idaho; Charleston, South Carolina
  • Loves: Strolling through historic neighborhoods, using Instagram, entertaining at home, trying new restaurants, making someone’s day
  • Favorite Meal: Weekend brunch outside – I can relax!
  • Nugget Of Wisdom: My dad has always told me to be positive and keep smiling. His advice has always worked for me.
  • Favorite Part Of The Job: Meeting people and hearing their stories

Comes up with solutions that make me wish I had thought of that. Has a unique sense of style that comes through in all her work.

Sometimes a newcomer comes along and teaches the Southerners about Southern hospitality.

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