Who We Are

Rob MacNeill

in a nutshell

  • Has a degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Worked in architecture firms specializing in high-end residential projects
  • Took the attention to detail he learned from architecture and applied it to a career in interior design
  • Blends contemporary and traditional styles with ease
  • Collaborates with his clients to find the best ideas

in real life

  • Favorite Place To Be: In a Japanese or Chinese garden. I love good tea. I also love exploring big cities.
  • Favorite Things To Do: I spend a lot of time looking at art and visiting galleries and museums, reading about contemporary art – especially really new stuff that pushes boundaries. I love installation art, and I dabble in sculpture.
  • Volunteer Passion: The American Dance Festival in Durham – we’re so lucky to have it here!
  • Inspirations: Contemporary artwork and historic architecture
  • Favorite Part Of The Job: I love working with someone who is open minded to unique ideas and inventive solutions. I try to make designs that are far from ordinary, but can be appreciated by anyone.

He’s very creative with a quirky side. He understands architectural styles well. He’s great with commercial projects, using materials that are appropriate for the space as well as eye-catching.

He taught me to love what you love, even if the world just doesn’t understand.

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