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Launch of Our New Website

We are excited to reveal our new website! 

Design Lines Home Page

The newest features include: 

Interactive Portfolio – where you can filter projects by designer, room or type of work

Design Lines Portfolio 2014

Mobile compatibility between electronic devices DL-site-mobile

A new Branded Spaces portfolio 

Design Lines Branded Spaces 2014

More in depth profiles of the team 

Design Lines Who We Are 2014

Plus the overall look a feel of the site is a breath of fresh air!


Out With The Old, In With The New!

Ever wonder what happens to all those samples?

We have a huge library of fabrics that is constantly being updated.  So what happens to the old when we need to bring in the new?  Our discontinued fabric books find second lives as learning tools at Interior Design Program at Meredith College or art supplies at Durham’s Scrap Exchange.

The Scrap Exchange is a not-for-profit that emphasizes creative re-use of all sorts of things.  Their warehouse in Durham is a wonderland of discarded treasures – from bubble wrap to roof tiles and everything in-between.  They even offer children’s classes and a little shop showcasing local handmade goods.

It’s the perfect place to be inspired for your next project!



image: Design Lines Ltd.

A New Perspective for 2013

2013 has started off with a bang and to be honest, we needed to take a hiatus on our blog at the end of 2012. That is a good thing right?…I’d like to think so. We are a passionate, creatively-minded team devoted to doing what we LOVE each and every day. For us that is designing spaces for our clients, both residential and commercial.

This year, we are committed to  reach and then go beyond our full potential to achieve great things for our clients. Our passion and perspective on design is reinvigorated by the start of the new year.

So let’s do this …2013!   

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Thanks Molly

“After 19 wonderful years at Design Lines Ltd. I have decided to leave the firm. My time here has been a fantastic experience – enriched daily by the relationships I have built and the individuals and families who have allowed me to become a part of their homes and lives. Your trust and friendship has been powerful and has given me years of happiness in the field of design that I so dearly love.” – Molly


Molly thank you for all the years you have given to Design Lines Ltd. We will miss you and wish you the best as you start a new chapter in your life.

The Creative Process & Pinterest


For the Design Lines team we use Pinterest on a regular basis to research the latest ideas and find inspiration for current project presentations.

Recently we had clients even bring their own idea booklet’s from Houzz and Pinterest in an effort to articulate their dreams and vision for their space on the big screen in the conference room.

To see Design Lines Pinterest boards click here.

Stories are popping up everywhere within the tech-savvy Entrepreneur world of how Pinterest is increasing traffic, engaging customers, and building brand awareness. As interior designers we are in an ever changing visual world and we rely heavily on the creative process and the inspiration around us to create unforgettable rooms. I am interested to hear what you are doing to integrate Pinterest into your own social media strategies!


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Interiors Southeast Book Giveaway Winner Announced!





You are the winner of our 4th Giveaway – The Interiors Southeast Coffee Table Book.

When asked about your interior design style, Jesse says, “ My ideal home would be in a suburban area, with a beautiful, bright green back yard with the hometown cookout vibe. Inside would be very contemporary with simple colors and clean lines. Nothing would be over looked; everything would have a purpose, down to the hand towels beside the sink complementing the accent tile in the shower.”


Thank you to everyone who entered to win. We will have another giveaway in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Cary Kitchen Remodel is Featured in Cary Magazine



Within this month’s pages of Cary Magazine, Brittany and our client Terri talk about the 1st floor renovation that transformed this once 1980’s builder grade home into a modern living oasis, suitable for casual entertaining.

Brittany also partnered with Robert Taylor of Taylor Build , who served as the General Contractor on the project. Robert knows first hand what it feels like to live in your space while a kitchen renovation is happening.

To read the complete Cary Magazine “Home Tour” article and see the “Before & After’s” click here.



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