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My Carolina Today: Judy’s Top 6 Recommendations For Holiday Table Decor

Missed Judy’s segment on My Carolina Today, we’ve got you covered!  Here are Judy’s recommendations for your holiday table.

Holiday Table Decor Tips:

1. There must be a layer of personalization.
2. Layer plates at each place setting to give depth.
3. If serving on paper plates add festive napkins.
4. Centerpieces can be simple.
5. Establish serving pieces that you will be using.
6. Set the atmosphere and mood right a way.

Create a playlist of music to have during the party, or a stack of games for even the little ones to play with while the adults are socializing. Or bring it to a whole new level with games for adults too.

This helps in the planning process and if any guests are going to be bringing a dish. This lets you know ahead of time the proportions of space on the buffet and where every food item will be during the party. We say let the food be the focal point on the table, but if one is using a buffet table or serving area, simple candle sticks with colored tappers can do just the trick. Add greenery from your back yard to make the centerpiece even more festive. By doing this you are creating depth and personality to each place setting.  This can be a hand written place card, for the dining table to your very favorite dessert that has been baking in the oven for hours. You got to have something represent you!