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Current Projects: From Italy to North Carolina

Our clients recently relocated from Italy to a  home located in North Raleigh’s Bedford community.  It took six months for a hole in the ground to become a 3 story home , fully furnished and accessorized for an active family of four. A six hour time change and our client’s location an ocean away brought Judy and me (Brittany)  the opportunity to use technology like Sykpe and Basecamp, an online project management site, to communicate and present design concepts  to our clients.From selecting fixtures and finishes, to furniture presentation and procurement, to move-in, our client’s gave us  full creative license to design every detail of their new home in the United States.  The client’s international roots give the home a distinctive aesthetic, with a European sensibility and we’re excited to share with you the project photos!

Photo above: the Dining Room with aqua leather chairs, a sisal rug, and metallic silver wallpaper is a study of textures- both casual and formal.    Below: sun pours into the guest suite that accomodates family members who come to stay frequently.



Photo above: The eat in kitchen area with walls painted in Glidden’s Onionskin Tan. Below:  The Media Room- with it’s blackout roller shades serves as a hangout space for the two teenage boys who live in the home. 


Above: The swivel chairs  upholstered in a Rock & Roll black patent leather sit in the music room for all of the family to become musical.   Below: A teen boy’s bedroom

Check out some furnishings and fabrics used in the project and the final outcome of a teen boy’s bedroom, the Master Suite, and the patio (one of my favorite spaces) !










2012 Dreams & Aspirations for the Team

There are brief periods of time reserved during the new year for reflection, strategic planning, and goal setting. In fact, this is one of my favorite times of the year. As we look ahead into 2012, here are just a few of our dreams.

1. Get published in a national interior design magazine. We are truly honored each time we receive press on our design projects and to step into the national arena would be a dream come true for Judy and the rest of the team.

2. We are always trying to find ways to improve the client experience. As a team, every year we go back to the drawing board to fine tune our business strategies all in an effort to give our clients the very best.

“Rework” by 37 signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is a national bestselling book and a must read for this year. We were first introduced to 37 signals’s online project management tools several years ago and use Basecamp on a daily basis to communicate with our out of town clients.

3. While we support one other in the day-to-day operations of the business, we also find joy in celebrating those personal life milestones with each other. In 2012 we will be celebrating a wedding, moving into a new home, cutting a child’s 2nd birthday cake and all the little in between occasions as well.

4. Branded Spaces – At Design Lines we believe design affects everyone both within a residential setting and a commercial space, or as we like to call it the “branded spaces.” “The branded spaces serve as a tangible extension of marketing messages and corporate culture, becoming touchpoints where first – and lasting – impressions are made.” Last year, we had the honor of working with a team of talented individuals to build the NC State’s Chancellor’s House, and other commercial projects, which are outlined here. This year, we dream of continuing to take on more branded spaces projects. Wouldn’t it be cool to design a restaurant, a store, or even a hotel?!

5. Judy and I will attend “Blogfest 2012” in New York City this Spring. We are super excited!   For us it is important to hear and engage in this social media conference. The media platforms we use to communicate with are always changing and we want to be prepared for those changes.

In the new year, what do you want to see from the Design Lines blog? We care about what you have to say, so email us at

images: 1. Ruzzel & Hazel 2. Design Lines 3. Amazon 4. Cupcakes & Cashmere 5. Pinterest 6. Blogfest 2012– Kravet

Hold Onto The Last Few Days of Summer With Island Inspired Prints



The final days of summer are approaching and what better way to top it off than with some island inspired prints from Lilly Pulitzer, Peter Dunham, and Trina Turk.




Pairing a Lilly print with a simple plaid and brightly colored solids are sure to make a statement.



Evoke a relaxing beach atmosphere with hand-blocked prints from Peter Dunham.



Bring the outdoors in with an ultra fun Trina Turk fabric. I just love the green pattern for place-mats or even a runner on the dining table!  

 Cheers to the summer!

images: 1-4. Personal 5 – 7. Peter Dunham Textiles 8. Pinterest 9. F. Schumacher 10. iDesignLove 11. F. Schumacher

Blogfest 2011: Inside Look at the Kravet & Lee Jofa NYC Offices



Next stop on the Blogfest agenda – touring the Kravet and Lee Jofa offices in NYC and boy was it fun!! I now have a deeper understanding of how they work and their departments within the company.



(Above left) Jennifer Powell of Kravet striking a pose at her desk. The space is so organized and clean! I wonder how they do it ?! (Above right) Various fabrics displayed for the marketing department.



(Above) Design concepts for several Kravet showrooms across the country and Canada.



(Above) The Kravet hallways. Look at all that storage, my I wish our fabric filing at Design Lines looked this good!  



 Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics, and more fabrics!



 (Above) The CAD Room where staff members work on fabric coloring. It is a must, to have big printers.



(Above) Kravet also does custom fabric requests for various projects. The one above, is for Disney.



(Above) Lilly Pultizer fabrics by Lee Jofa. I love all the pop of color. Did you know, within every Lilly pattern you will find her name? Oftentimes, it is hidden but you can see  in the lower left picture.



While technology plays an important  part in fabric coloring today, sometimes matching fabric color by paint is the best way to go. (illustrated above lower right.)



(Above left) A Lee Jofa employee who has been with the company for over 40 years – he was so passionate about all the fabrics and was extremely knowledgeable.



(Above) Trends and inspiriation boards inside Lee Jofa.



Thank you for the tour!

Next, we’ll give you some more eye candy with our visit to the New York Design Center. See you tomorrow. Continue reading

Blogfest 2011: Lee Jofa Heritage Collection with Iconic Interior Designers on Long Island

Next stop on the agenda – May Studios on Long Island. The Blogfest 2011 crew was spoiled with a once-in-a-lifetime treat! Lee Jofa  celebrated the launch of their new “Heritage Collection” by having 6 iconic interior designers design vignettes using fabrics from the collection. This party was hosted by Traditional Home.


Suzanne Kasler, David Easton, Diamond Baratta Design, Eric Cohler, Suzanne Rheinstein, and Thomas O’Brien were all in attendance. These designers were all gracious and autographed our very own “Inspired Styles” book published by Assouline.  



(Above left) Thomas O’Brien’s vignette and (Above right) Hilaire with Thomas O’Brien



(Above) The Rosebank Print and vignette designed by Diamond Baratta Design.


(Above lef) Jennifer Powell of Kravet speaks with Eric Cohler about his vignette while (above left) is a glimpse of David Easton signing books for fellow attendees of the event.

Tomorrow we’ll have a review of the Ace Hotel, plus more on the events at Blogfest including a kickin cool tour of Kravet and Lee Jofa’s headquarters in Manhattan.

Stay tuned!

images: 1. Mayo Studios & the rest are personal

Blogfest 2011: Lilly Pulitzer & Barbara Barry In Kravet & Lee Jofa Showroom


After a day of battling the fog I finally arrived in NYC for day two of Blogfest 2011. Blogfest attendees received an up close look at the new Lilly Pulitzer home furnishings line with a preview and picnic in the Lee Jofa showroom.

(Above) Hilaire with Susan from Bridget Bear Designs & Faith of Faith Sheridan Design Group, Inc. inside the Lee Jofa Showroom.


I can’t get over the blues! I love the blue checkered pattern on the walls and all the pop of orange.



Growing up in the interior design industry, I have always heard of Barbara Barry and seen her breathtaking designs – but I never thought I would have the opportunity to hear her speak let alone meet her.



(Above- left) Mrs. Kravet & Scott Kravet speaking with Barbara Barry after her presentation. (Above – right) Jennifer interviewing Barbara inside the Kravet Showroom.



Barbara Barry introduced her new line of Kravet fabrics called “Indochine,” and we even tasted Barbara’s new delicious tea from Tea Leaves called “Citrine.” My it was quite the event!



Thank you Barbara, for your gracious spirit. You are a true inspiration!

Tomorrow, we recap our visit to Long Island with Lee Jofa’s Heritage Collection and my do I have a treat for you!