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High Point Furniture Market: Innovative Idea from Duralee Fine Furniture

Hilaire spotted this great idea over at Duralee Fine Furniture while at High Point Furniture Market on Tuesday.

Ottoman to twin bed: watch closely.

Duralee Fine Furniture 2011 High Point Furniture Market

Great idea, right?

We thought so too- Where would you place one? Kid’s Room? Lake House/Beach House/Mountain house/any house?

Stay tuned as we bring you more trends from our market trip on Monday!

Our Top 7 Trends from Furniture Market

We had a fabulous trip to High Point last week for Furniture Market, and we’re excited to share our favorite trends!  Below, our team gathers for a picture inside the Hickory Chair showroom.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (5)

 Judy catches up with one of her close friends, Diane Gote from New Jersey, while (above) Hilaire poses for a picture with our dear friends, Nancy Gales and Nancy Bolen.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market 2010 (2)

Our first stop on our High Point visit was Verellen, an eco-friendly company with a European flare. The light fixtures quickly grabbed our attention and the upholstery fabricated in shades of creams, charcoals, and browns.  This is where we noted our first trend for Fall 2010:

Trend #1. Organic Industrial

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010

Lauren and Judy enjoy the comfort of new pieces (above), while colorful cords accent the streamlined floor lamp below. What a unique idea!

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (3)

Trend # 2: Unique Furniture Shapes

As the morning continued, we headed to Modern History and Somerset Bay where we saw similar neutrals with a splash of color.  We love the cream cabinet with a jelly bean green splash on the interior! 

 Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (4)

Trend # 3: Applied Details

Fashion and interior design always influence each other, and I believe that’s what we’re seeing here.  Stop in J Crew or Banana Republic, and you will find appliques and embroidered details on their outfits.  We spotted similar concepts on drapery panels and even lamp shades!

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (6)

Trend # 4: Mature Graphics

Graphic patterns have been apart of a fabric trend we’ve seen over the last few years.  But this market, they found their way on a different color palette that seemed more thoughtful and mature.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (7)

Trend # 5: Cream Finishes

Along with the organic neutrals, we saw warm and bright cream finishes that soften the pieces they are applied to.  We loved Suzanne Kesler new collection for Hickory Chair with it’s French inspirations. 

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (8)

Every time we tour the Hickory Chair Showroom, we run into some of the industry’s renown interior designers, Suzanne Kesler (left) and Alexa Hampton, who was promoting her most recent book The Language of Interior Design (right).

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (9)

Trend # 6: Linen, Linen Everywhere 

In nearly every showroom, linen was featured on furniture and pillows.  Five to ten years ago, chenilles were much more popular as upholstery fabrics, but the clean and fresh look of linen has now taken its place.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (10)

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (11)

Above, Brittany and Judy in the Century Furniture Showroom at the end of the day.

Trend # 7: All Shades of Grays

As far as neutrals go, the taupe tans of the 90’s have been replaced with their fresh warm gray relatives. 

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market 2010 (12)

Gray can be pared with rustic finishes and textures or with high gloss metals for either an industrial or polished look.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (15)

Natural Curiosities always has wonderful art and accessories to complete rooms.  We were particularly struck by the moody horse pieces below.

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (13)

Regina Andrew and Barbara Cosgrove shared their unique lamp and accessories.  We love the varied of shapes in the mirrored frames above! 

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (14)

We ended our day in the Centuryshowroom.  Above, Hilaire tests a leather chair.  Judy loved the unique lines of the McCrae casegoods in the Lee Industries showroom.  Also in Lee, we loved the punches of color, including purple!

Design Lines High Point Furniture Market Fall 2010 (16)


2010 Spring High Point Market Trends & Favorites Part 2 of 2

And the crew returns for part 2 of High Point Furniture Market Trends and Favorites. Within part 2 you will find our remaining trends and also a few pictures of some iconic people: Thomas O’Brien and Mariette Hines Gomez. Lets begin!


Trend #4 – Neutrals and browns will never go away.

Below are shots in the Lee Industries Showroom of

some classic pieces that scream versatility and style.  

Lee High Point 2010


Market wouldn’t be the same without testing the comfort-ability of recliners and sofas. Ashley is lounging in one of the relaxers from Lee Industries.

Design Lines at Lee


The bed has a classic and romantic feel while the sofa and coffee table display invites a family for a cup of ice tea on a Sunday afternoon.

Shots below are from the Hickory Chair  Showroom.

Design Lines at Hickory Chair 2010 Highpoint

A pillow line we saw in Inner Hall called Ankasa. Ideal for bedrooms, sun-rooms and/or family rooms.

Wall of Pillows-Ankasa


We also had a chance to check out some lamp companies:

Jamey Young (left) and Barabra Cosgrove (right).

Jamey Young Lamps


Trend # 5 Purple is still around! All the way from grape juice to wine colored tones.

Shots below are from Hickory Chair Showroom.

Design Lines Purple Trends 

Below: Judy admires the nail head detailing on an upholstered cabinet in the Hickory Chair Showroom.  Need a dining chair, take this cream one below, one of Hickory Chair’s most popular choices (right).

Design Lines at Hickory Chair 2010 Highpoint 2

Often times when the team goes to High Point, it isn’t unusual to run into  interior design icons. Hickory Chair had Thomas O’Brien on hand as he signed copies of his first book, called “American Modern.”You might have seen Thomas’s name on collections in Target, a lighting collection with Visual Comfort and  his interior design studio called Areo in SoHo which he opened in 1992. Here is an article on him in the New York Times.

 Thomas OBrien at Hickory Chair 2010 High Point

The team also stopped to take a photo with Mariette Himes Gomez. Mariette has a design studio  in New York City and also a designer collection with Soicher Marin.  Mariette and Thomas both design furniture for Hickory Chair. Along with Alexa Hampton and Suzanne Kasler who were also in the showroom showing off their collections with Hickory Chair.

It was nice to see you again, Mariette! Thanks for taking a picture with us.

Design Lines with Mariette Himes Gomez in Hickory Chair Showroom 2010


Trend 6# Floral sofas are a breath of fresh air.

Below: is a shot from the Lee Showroom of a banquet with a Duralee print.

Floral Sofa at Lee High Point 2010

 Design Lines Trends florals

Left Above: Lee Industries and Right Above: Hickory Chair.


Trend # 7  Trellis is popular.

What is a trellis ?  A lattice like pattern inspired by a lot of cultures, they can sometimes be graphic and organic. Below the bed in fabricated in a trellis fabric giving the room life.

This is taken from the Century Showroom and also seen on Apartment Therapy’s review of High Point Furniture Market. 

Market 10 - Century Showroom Pic

 Design Lines Trellis Trends

Above are shots from Hickory Chair Showroom.


Trend # 8 Animal Inspiration

Animal influences were in every showroom that we visited. Here are some of the things we saw.

Shots Below are from Hickory Chair Showroom.

 Design Lines Animal Inspiration


And last but not least, we had to share one of the coolest discoveries that Marty from Lee Industries showed us. Lee did an experiment putting one of their chairs they manufacture into a lake for two weeks. The actual chair is below on the left and you should definitely click on the YouTube video to see for yourself. We were amazed at how clean the chair looked after being in the lake. It was amazing!

Lee Chair In Lake 2010 High Point

2010 Spring High Point Market Trends & Favorites Part 1 of 2

Twice a year the team heads to High Point Furniture Market. It is just like Fashion week in NYC or Paris but with furniture. For a week High Point is the mecca capital for all things furniture, fabric and every home accessory you can think of. On Monday we spotted many trends. Here we have narrowed it down to our 7 favorites for 2010!! Lauren was our official trend-spotting photographer. 

Design Lines Team on the High Point Bus

The team on the High Point shuttle.

Trend # 1 – Turquoise & Shades of Blue as predicted.

(Lee Industries High Point Showroom) 

Design Lines at Lee (4)

Trend # 2- Painted Furniture in brightly colored hues.

(Stanley Showroom -Coastal Living Collection)

Stanley 2010 high point painted furniture

Painted Chests-Stanley

Stanley 2010 high point painted furniture (2)


Trend #3 Unique Wood Finishes

Ashley, Judy and Brittany experiencing a wood finish on a tri-fold table from Stanley’s new European

Farmhouse Collection (think Michael Thonet)

Design Lines at Stanley High Point Furniture Market 2010


Design Lines Stanley High Point Furniture Market (2)2010


Above: Stanley’s Modern Craftsman Studio Collection, we especially love this sawhorse table.

 Here Brittany sits on a sofafrom the McAlpine Home collection-perfect for a formal living room while a MacRae table graces the floor.

 Design Lines at Lee (2)

Tomorrow we’ll share more from our market trends. Expect purple, animal influences, trellis and floral sofas (yes, you heard us) In the meantime here is a review on Market from:  Apartment Therapy.

2010 High Point Market Preview: What Color To Expect!

2010 color shades of blue

We are expecting to see shades and tones of turquoise this spring at High Point Furniture Market. That’s right, take a back seat beige and brown and let the royal and sea-foam blues take the spotlight!

Pantone even has “Lagoon” named one of the top colors for the 2010 Fashion Color Report. This color trend is even splashing into both the fashion and home industries around the world.

Below are two ways to incorporate shades of blue into your home from House Beautiful.




You can also accent areas in your bathroom or kitchen with shades of blue tile.

Image from Toast.

This kitchen from Traditional Home  uses a navy blue tiles to accent the wall behind the stove. 


I love this kitchen picture from Coastal Living. Those chair seat covers are so creative!



The HFB 2010 eMarket Preview  says this year it is about making a statement and people are looking to infuse their rooms with color, while not having to redo the entire room. Naturally color stimulates your mood and this is exactly what fabric and furniture companies are trying to achieve this spring market. This is also referred to as the Lipstick theory, which means that people want to buy something inexpensive to spice up a room, create a calming mood or buy a pillow that is just plain fun!

blue bedroom martha stewart

So, check back next week as the Design Lines team gives you the 411 on this years Spring Market. We will be sure to give you everything you need to know about the top trends in the home furnishing and interior design industry!


{High Point-Baker Showroom}: “The History of Luxury”

Design Lines, Ltd. Baker Showroom Event Jan. 2010

Judy, Ashley, Brittany, Lauren and Hilaire traveled to High Point, North Carolina yesterday to hear a talk on “The History of Luxury” by James Caughman, who is currently the senior marketing executive for the Kohler Interiors Group, responsible for the Baker, McGuire, Ann Sacks, and Kallista brands. This event was an ASID Carolinas CEU Community event. Thank you to the team at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs Showroom for hosting such a wonderful event!

The talk was very informative and further explored the history of luxury. Below are four great takeaways that we thought you might be interested in knowing from the presentation.

  • What is luxury? Luxury is about good design, wonderful materials, crafted by artisans but most importantly luxury is about an experience.
  • In the world of luxury we (Americans) look to the so called “captains” for aspiration and emulation.
  • In the past, luxury was reserved for the court, but today luxury is much more accessible. It’s changing from conspicuous consumption (buying because I can) to conscientious consumption.
  • “We live in an opaque world. We need to create transparency.” As in, it is our role (interior designers) to educate on quality and to share our knowledge.

What is your perspective on interior designers and the history of luxury? To you, how has luxury evolved over the years?

Molly’s Find! Market Edition

While in the Lee Industries Showroom at High Point Market, I became enamored with their rug ottomans shown above and below:

Lee begins with a selection of rugs, each as beautiful as the next, and then size the ottoman to fit the pattern. I have certainly seen the idea in the past, but usually the Best Arabian Kilims are used on the furniture and only as accents.

This design uses these gorgeous aged looking rugs, bringing the pattern, color, and texture onto a different, unexpected level. It could make a plain room “jump” and would surely be a durable surface for a living area.
Check out our other Fall 2009 High Point Market Posts here and here.

Off to High Point Furniture Market…

Some of our favorite postcards shown below:
The gorgeous 13″ Payne Street bowl that we’ve stashed them all in- it’s for sale by the way.
Tomorrow we have an all day excursion to High Point Furniture Market and we’re looking forward to spotting the new just for you…

Read about our previous trips to market here & here and look out for our post market perspective later this week.

2009 High Point Furniture Market Finds

Two trips to High Point. Twice the fun.

For this year’s spring market we met with reps from furniture and accessory companies who showed and educated us on the new trends/products for the spring.

I can see where one might feel overwhelmed by the millions of choices and selections but for designers it is our mission to find the best products for our clients.

We often take mental notes, pictures, and even order pieces we know will work with our current-client projects.

We say: the more educated we can be about a particular line or know how the furniture “sits,” the better!

So here are some of our favorites we found this go-around:

BoBo Intriguing Objects: Definitely Intriguing

Bungalow 5: Hip Accessories & Furniture

Cyan Designs: Unique Accessories

(Notice the over-sized Monopoly pieces)

Lee Industries: Eco-friendly furniture

Pearson : Great upholstery pieces

Hickory Chair: Made, not Manufactured

Hickory White: Classic pieces for the home

Natural Curiosities: A lot of great prints

Pine Cone Hill: Awesome Bedding

Trends: In several showrooms we spotted groupings of pendant fixtures. Here are a few! My favorite is the top left one.