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Nothing But Pink Inspiration

Design Lines Interior Inspired Breast Cancer Awareness Traditional Home & A Creative Mint


It is our pleasure today, to bring you the first of five posts dedicated to “nothing but pink inspiration.” October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Design Lines team wants to show our support. Over the past 30 years we have worked with clients who have been breast cancer survivors….. you are truly our inspiration!  

To find out more on the Global Breast Cancer Movement , click here.

images 1. A Creative Mint 2. Traditional Home

Father’s Day Series: Top 4 Grills of the Summer



I hope you enjoyed some meat cooked by dear old dad this past weekend.  There’s been a lot of buzz about  grills and with the heat of the summer arriving, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share with you what we think are the best grills.


1. The Mac Daddy of AllViking. Made for the grill master of the house. Each grill has plenty of storage and all the necessary gadgets to turn you into “America’s Top Chef.” Viking Outdoor



2. Country Time – This steel fire bowl grill from Toast in the UK is for those men who loath the outdoors and enjoy making smores. Great for a camping trip or an early evening country cookout. grill 3 from Toast

3. The Renaissance Man– This classic dome grill is suitable for cooking vegetables and roasting corn on the grill. The circular shape creates a continuous flow of heat so the juices stay inside the food.


4. Fashionista – A list wouldn’t be the same, if we didn’t have an option for the ladies. For all the women who like to grill, here is Ms. Piggy decked out in her pink ensemble, and ready for any outdoor party.

 grill 2

If you think your grill is the best let us know! In fact reply via twitter with a picture.

Father’s Day Series: Colors Men Love

In preparation for this series, this edition inspired by House Beautiful’s feature,  I polled a few of my male friends; “what are your favorite colors? What interior colors do you feel most comfortable in?” I asked.

My Daddy’s favorite has always been a deep green- hunter green. However, Neutral colors were the resounding answer, browns, & warm greys especially.  Think the colors you may find in an old map or portrait- like Picasso’s Portrait of Dora Maar


 CML-White & Black

We have found that men feel comfortable in interiors with schemes featuring the following hues:

Charcoal mixed with Classic Black (even better with stripes)

Design Lines, Ltd. Colors Men Love

Design Lines, Ltd. Colors Men Love 3





Cowboy Boot Brown

Design Lines Game Room

Burnt Orange- this also translates into Copper tones & marries well with medium to dark green tones

CML-Orange & Green

CML-Green & Orange 


Slate Blue


CML-Slate Blue



The other colors men love could happen to do with their local sports team loyalties, as we’ve seen our fair share of requests for NC State/Carolina Hurricanes Red (shown in the “man cave” below)  

 Design Lines, Ltd. Men Media Room

or Carolina Blue

Design Lines Raleigh interior design Boys Bedroom 

What colors do the men in your life, love?


Happy Spring Weekend


Hey Design Lines Readers,

We bring you these flowers from A Creative Mint blog in Los Angeles. Leslie is the photographer and writer behind this beautiful blog. I recently found her work on the design inspired decor 8 blog and immediately fell in love with her shots. Enjoy these lovely bouquets and we will see you next week.

Be on the look out for the April forecast and also a post on another current project.

Enjoy the amazing spring weather!

-The Design Lines Team




Happy Halloween! Last Minute Decorating Ideas

With Halloween tomorrow, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Halloween decorating ideas. A few years ago I posted on white pumpkins and gourds. This year, I’ve settled on an easy, no carving or painting approach and artfully arranged my collection of Farmer’s Market purchased orange & white pumpkins of the mini variety on my mantle.

Martha Stewart Online has a plethora of pumpkin ideas:

Don’t miss out on this Perforated Pumpkin Tutorial on Eddie Ross’ blog. We love how Kravet’s holiday party utilized a pumpkin as a punch bowl holder! (Photograph from Kristen Taylor Photo Blog.)

Our clients have become really excited this year, decking their homes from the outside in. Their porches are adorned with pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and webs, and lights. My favorite flourish of Halloween decor was a pair of feathered vultures perched on a client’s crystal sconces in the dining room.

For a playful addition of year-round holiday decor, we like the Mick chair from Atlanta-based Bradley-Hughes:
Tell us, how will you decorate for the holidays?
Happy Halloween!