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How to Make Pictures: A Creative Juice Collaborative

Like Pola and her friend Roid, Judy and I assisted local photographer Ray Barbour as well as Master Photographer John Stanton on a photoshoot of our work at 1322 Queensferry Road in Cary. We’re anxious to see the results of the shoot, but thought that we’d share our “behind the scenes” experience…

Just a few pieces of equipment

John Stanton, perfecting the amount of light for the photograph

Ray sets the shot, while John perfects the lighting levels

Judy and Ray review the process

Ray finding an angle

John hangs a sheet of mylar scrim to diffuse the lighting

Ray and Judy decision making. The shoot was filmed digitally and reviewed via Mac

The photoshoot process is long and rewarding,furniture and accessories must be shifted again and again

Judy awaits to stage the next shot

The Subject: The Dining Room

Noontime Sun: Part 2 of the shoot. There’s a story behind that painting, as there are stories to be told about many of the objects we incorporated into the design. In the end our arrangement of the details, composed into a photograph, tries to capture a moment perhaps better left for one to experience in person.

The Olive Knuckle Hinge

All five DLL Designers (now that’s a number for the record books) enjoyed a class at one of our favorite showrooms Tuesday evening—Raleigh Decorative Hardware & Plumbing. While snacking on beautiful cupcakes, we perused the expansive showroom. We love being able to see and experience the variety of knob, after knob, after knob.

The Baldwin Hardware-sponsored class discussed the specification of door hardware. Though already fans of Baldwin’s offerings, we were informed and inspired, as the class generated even more enthusiasm (and multiple opportunities for us to drool over their product). Our favorite? The most memorable was the rarely-seen-in-this-market-due-to-the-required-amount-of-beforehand-thinking, olive knuckle hinge. They whispered unceasingly to each of us, “specify me on your next project!” and we can’t wait.

Above: The Olive Knuckle Hinge in a variety of sizes

From Left to Right, Stephanie, Ashley, Judy, long time Design Lines friend Rick Jacobs, Molly, & Brittany.


Seeing as how five of the six Design Lines employees have relocated in 2007…we thought we would share our favorite (and least favorite) experiences about moving. We asked almost all of the relocatees to answer the following inquiries:
1- Name your favorite thing about your new place
2- List your biggest moving/relocating pet peeve

Fave: My new house is worth the commute! I also love the Llamas I pass on the way to work each morning and when I see them on my way home, I know I’m almost there.

Least Fave: Living in the unstable/unorganized disarray of boxes while packing and the anticipation of getting into the new place.

Fave: I love the fact that I finally own and I am not renting and the perks about being an owner. I got to install a great picket fence that I love. I also love all the square footage that came with the yard. I have to say I lucked out because my house was built in 1979, and the owner gutted the whole house and renovated it right before we moved in. So the fact that this was already done, simplified the move. I love the open floor plan along with the fabulous new cabinetry that goes with it. I have a built-in trash can now!

Least Fave: The pet peeve that I have grown to get over is the fact that everyone that lives on my street has to park one car on the road. I would not be so upset but their driveway is so conveniently close. Is it necessary to showcase a car in front of the house? It must be a CARY thing. I am learning to get over it.


Fave: The location couldn’t be better. . . I love being close to all of the wonderful restaurants downtown and the fun shops at Cameron Village.

Least Fave: All of the frustrations that come with trying to live in a house while renovating . . . I never knew there could be so much dust! Swiffer is sure to make a profit this year thanks to my incessant cleaning!

Fave: I love the well-manicured walkways of my community, they are great for taking strolls. More than ever I love antique shopping for the new space, there’s nothing greater than buying an uniquely shaped chair for five bucks or the calcutta marble topped dresser I had been dreaming about for my bedroom.

Least Fave: Town homes that do not have enough visitor parking for guests or driving 3 days from Idaho to get here. I’m still adjusting to the heat, too.

We are happy to say that we have a new-found empathy for our clients who move!

On your marks…

We decided that our experiences, inspirations, and designs are too interesting to keep to ourselves. From this point on, the ladies of Design Lines will dare to share our moments—remarkable and unremarkable—in our blog.
This is just the beginning…