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Designer Profiles: An Interview with Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson, Allied Member ASID

What are your three must-haves?

Jazzercise, high heels, and my pets

How would you describe your design style?

Clean and transitional with a twist and a focus on function. My rooms should contain at least one “wow” element, and never be “average”

What are your inspirations?

Magazines and movie sets

 What is the essential element of any room?

Ottomans,they are more functional than a cocktail table and allow the chance to introduce a fabulous fabric to the space.  Any touch of black, be it small or large, is also a must!

How would you describe yourself in a word? 


A favorite Design Lines moment:

Designing a nursery and then seeing children in it!

 An ideal summer day is…

Sitting at the beach with my husband & family, drink in hand, snacking on boiled peanuts. 

  What does value mean for you?

Functional, well-priced, quality-made pieces

 What’s on your DVR?  What shows do you keep up with?

The Real Housewives of (any of them)

 Favorite paint color and why?

Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray HC-146– It meshes well with any color it works well in a bedroom or a bath.  Farrow & Ball’s Powder blue is also a similar favorite, but it has a hint of green in it.

How did you get started in this field?

 As a high school senior I became interested in the psychology of color.  I think it’s really interesting how color can affect your mood.  My parents had worked with a designer for their beach home and then I had the chance to intern with her at the beach. 

Where’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled? St. Thomas

 Where’s one place that you love to have the opportunity to work on a project?

Locally- a high end hotel

Abroad- the Virgin Islands

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The opportunity to work with such great clients and co-workers and doing something different everyday.

Hickory Chair University: Stephanie’s Perspective

One of the things that struck me most about our tour of Hickory Chair was the truly jovial disposition of all those that worked there. As we meandered from station to station, in awe of the bustling activiy all around us, it quickly became clear that each employee geniunely enjoyed his or her job and took great pride in improving the company and its products in any way possible. President Jay Reardon has done an excellent job entrusting and empowering his employees, and his respect for them is clearly reflected in their attitudes and commitment to excellence.

As a result of this positive corporate culture, the amount of care that goes into the creation of each piece of furniture at Hickory Chair is absolutely unparalleled. I no longer view Hickory Chair as a manufacturing plant, but as a guild of skilled craftsmen that collaborate to create beautiful heirlooms for those fortunate enough to own them.

Award Winning Interior Design | Raleigh, NC