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Blogfest 2012: Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2013

Continuing from John Turner’s presentation at Blogfest2012Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for 2013. Here is what we should expect to see in 2013 for color – we illustrated John’s key points with some of our own work, so enjoy!


RED – is coming in FULL force. Anywhere from deep reds and their shadows, plus more coral tones from fashion rose pink – it is feminine, all the way!

GREEN AND BLUE -are the new neutrals. More Kelly greens or darker not always apple green.  The blues are becoming watery like logo brands of  Facebook and twitter. Above are three different color schemes we are currently working with on client projects.

ORANGE is everywhere and will continue to be a strong trend this year. Color blocking can be found in orange and black. Above three fun spaces we designed last year that had fun pops of orange.

PURPLE – is showing up in dusty shades particularly on fabric and paint colors. Jewel tones are less popular indoors, but fresh pops of purple are being seen more outdoors. Above a bedroom shot of a current project.

(Above: NC State Chancellor House VIP Guest Room)

Neutrals are being combined with other materials, pops of jewel tones, and wood tones. Bright colors are setting off the neutrals soft gray and raw metal. Above and below several current projects illustrating the neutrals trends with combinations of raw materials.  

What we can expect to fade this season:


The black and white color schemes

photography credits: 

Group 1- Dustin Peck Photography & DLL

Group 2-  Design Lines

Group 3- Jeff Weatherspoon & Design Lines

Group 4-Jeff Weatherspoon

Group 5: Dustin Peck Photography

Group 6: (Left Clockwise) DLL, Jeff Weatherspoon,

Jonathan Fredin for Cary Magazine, Everest Agency

Group 7: Everest Agency

Text: John Turner – Benjamin Moore

Design Inspiration: glassybaby


glassybaby is simple, yet it represents so much more. glassybaby = love. hope. dreams. remembrance. grace. beauty. joy. silence. wonder.


For founder, Lee Rhodes, glassybaby represents hope. As a lung cancer survivor Lee founded the company in 1998, after her husband brought home a vase from an art class and Lee accidently dropped a tea candle into the vase. The result = a magical and life changing moment.

Lee was named 2011 Entrepreneur byEntrepreneur.com Lee is not only a great woman inside and out; but her company represents corporate citizenship at its best. 10% of all revenue is donated to charities that focus on improving, healing and promoting life to folks who are affected by cancer.

glassybaby is a “metaphor for life” and it is intended to give exponentially to others.

Inspired by how mood effects moods and emotions, there are over 459 different colors to choose from. Below are just a few of the many color choices available.

If you are feeling inspired and want to use glassybaby for one of your interior spaces, give glassbaby as a gift, or use one for an event, head over to their site. I know I will be there shopping soon.

Thanks Blogfest2012 for sharing Lee’s inspiring story and her business. A story, that hits home and one we all in some way or another can relate, as many are affected by cancer.

More to come from Blogfest…I didn’t realize how many pictures I had and just trying to sift through them all. 🙂

images: glassybaby Facebook & Pinterest Accounts

2012 Dreams & Aspirations for the Team

There are brief periods of time reserved during the new year for reflection, strategic planning, and goal setting. In fact, this is one of my favorite times of the year. As we look ahead into 2012, here are just a few of our dreams.

1. Get published in a national interior design magazine. We are truly honored each time we receive press on our design projects and to step into the national arena would be a dream come true for Judy and the rest of the team.

2. We are always trying to find ways to improve the client experience. As a team, every year we go back to the drawing board to fine tune our business strategies all in an effort to give our clients the very best.

“Rework” by 37 signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is a national bestselling book and a must read for this year. We were first introduced to 37 signals’s online project management tools several years ago and use Basecamp on a daily basis to communicate with our out of town clients.

3. While we support one other in the day-to-day operations of the business, we also find joy in celebrating those personal life milestones with each other. In 2012 we will be celebrating a wedding, moving into a new home, cutting a child’s 2nd birthday cake and all the little in between occasions as well.

4. Branded Spaces – At Design Lines we believe design affects everyone both within a residential setting and a commercial space, or as we like to call it the “branded spaces.” “The branded spaces serve as a tangible extension of marketing messages and corporate culture, becoming touchpoints where first – and lasting – impressions are made.” Last year, we had the honor of working with a team of talented individuals to build the NC State’s Chancellor’s House, and other commercial projects, which are outlined here. This year, we dream of continuing to take on more branded spaces projects. Wouldn’t it be cool to design a restaurant, a store, or even a hotel?!

5. Judy and I will attend “Blogfest 2012” in New York City this Spring. We are super excited!   For us it is important to hear and engage in this social media conference. The media platforms we use to communicate with are always changing and we want to be prepared for those changes.

In the new year, what do you want to see from the Design Lines blog? We care about what you have to say, so email us at hpickett@designlinesltd.com.

images: 1. Ruzzel & Hazel 2. Design Lines 3. Amazon 4. Cupcakes & Cashmere 5. Pinterest 6. Blogfest 2012– Kravet

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