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The Olive Knuckle Hinge

All five DLL Designers (now that’s a number for the record books) enjoyed a class at one of our favorite showrooms Tuesday evening—Raleigh Decorative Hardware & Plumbing. While snacking on beautiful cupcakes, we perused the expansive showroom. We love being able to see and experience the variety of knob, after knob, after knob.

The Baldwin Hardware-sponsored class discussed the specification of door hardware. Though already fans of Baldwin’s offerings, we were informed and inspired, as the class generated even more enthusiasm (and multiple opportunities for us to drool over their product). Our favorite? The most memorable was the rarely-seen-in-this-market-due-to-the-required-amount-of-beforehand-thinking, olive knuckle hinge. They whispered unceasingly to each of us, “specify me on your next project!” and we can’t wait.

Above: The Olive Knuckle Hinge in a variety of sizes

From Left to Right, Stephanie, Ashley, Judy, long time Design Lines friend Rick Jacobs, Molly, & Brittany.

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