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Current Project: Design of Johnston Regional Airport


The new Johnston County Airport Terminal puts Smithfield on the map for more than just air travel; with first class conferencing facilities and a business development office, it serves as a hub for corporate development for the surrounding areas.


DesignLinesJohnstonRegionalAirport  DesignLinesJohnstonRegionalAirport3


We were involved with the design of this new terminal from the ground up.  Our interiors accent the soaring ceilings with unique light fixtures and architectural details that embody the excitement of flight.  Sophisticated patterns and materials lend an upscale, cosmopolitan look the client was hoping for, while keeping the spaces inviting.  A large fireplace graces the waiting area, which has become a cozy meeting place for members of the aviation community. (For more pictures click here.)



Photography By: Dustin Peck Photography

Current Projects: Modern Medicine for Cary Endodontics

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines

Who says a commercial space has to look like one? In this recent project, we helped our client feel at home in his new workspace.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 2

When our client wanted an inviting place to put patients at ease, Rob jumped at the opportunity to design Cary Endodontics from the ground up. Rob drew on his background in architecture to create a modern space incorporating various custom details and architectural features. The result is a spa-like atmosphere that makes the experience of visiting the doctor truly enjoyable.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 3

The design aesthetic extends to the exterior with custom typography and a sophisticated palette.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 4

A custom desk greets the patients as they check-in for their appointment.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 5

A modern gas fireplace anchors the waiting area.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 6

The exam rooms are adorned with natural walnut thresholds.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 7

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh Design Lines 8

In this office design, even the secondary spaces are given  an exceptional level of detail.

No matter where you work, great design can make you feel at home.


photography by: Everest Agency

A Closer Look: John Chamberlain

John Chamberlin (1927-2011) is a great example of an artist who made a career out of exploring one material.  For him, that material was crushed car parts.

His sculptures are surprisingly delicate  & elegant considering their source.  I am always amazed at how Chamberlain was always able to find new colors, shapes, and configurations to explore.

Some belive Chamerlian’s use of metal is akin to translating Abstract Expressionist brushstrokes into three dimensions.  Others simply see beautiful compositions.  Whatever the source, these are some of my favorite sculptures to look at.  I hope you enjoy them too.



image 1: blogspot

image 2: daily art fixx

image 3: whitehot

A Closer Look: My Favorite Painting in North Carolina

There are a lot of paintings in North Carolina.  But of all the ones I’ve seen, my favorite is Berkeley No.8 by Richard Diebenkorn.  Part of the North Carolina Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this painting is an iconic example of Diebenkorn’s signature style, in which he used landscapes to inspire abstract compositions.  The subleties of color and delicate application of paint make this painting interesting and beautiful.  It always holds my gaze for a long while…

Berkeley No. 8 is hanging right now in the modern galleries of the North Carolina Museum of Art, so go see it soon!


image: NCMA

12 Days of Christmas: Wreath DIY

Pinned Image

Wreaths are a classic decoration that can also be a great DIY project for the whole family.  You can even use clippings from your yard as the raw material.  Collect feathers, leaves, small twigs or holly branches, and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Form a wire hanger into a circle, leaving the hook in place as a convenient way to hang your wreath.

Step 2: Using florist wire, create a bundle of leaves or branches and attach it to the hanger.  Layer new bundles on top of the previous one until the hanger is fully covered.

Step 3: Add a bow or pinecones as a finishing touch, and hang your wreath somewhere special.

Pinned Image

Happy Decorating!


images 1 & 4: pinterest

images 2, 3, 4 : save on crafts

Branded Spaces: The Public Face of Design Lines

We are excited to introduce a new section of our website this week.  Branded Spaces encompasses a variety of projects that we want to share with you, because in addition to our residential work, we also relish the challenges and opportunities of projects with a more public face – offices and restaurants, showrooms and meeting spaces, banquet halls and hotel lobbies. 

At the intersections of business and customer, host and guest, landlord and tenant – great design can open eyes, and doors.”

Please take a moment to browse the site, and discover something new about Design Lines.



Designed by: Everest Agency

Current Projects: Johnny’s Atomic Ranch {Part One}


In his initial inquiry for some design help, our client, Johnny admitted the following: “I currently have several pieces of camping chairs I use as living room furniture.”  Johnny had moved from a 500 square feet apartment in NYC to a 3 bedroom house in North Raleigh.  And the space was beckoning to be infused with his personality!

  I asked him to do his homework and bring a few inspiration images to our meeting.  When he arrived, he placed this book (pictured above) on our conference table, saying “this is what I want!” We perused the images together and I was a little hesitant knowing that Johnny did not own a mid century modern ranch- but rather a more traditional Colonial home built in 2004. Below: the dramatic fruits of our efforts- it’s amazing what a bold paint color can do, don’t you think? 


     We utilized a primary color palette and used mid century modern finishes- like chrome, lacquer and walnut. The symmetry of a pair of bachelor’s chests in red lend strength and balance to the fireplace wall.

Stay tuned as the transformation continues tomorrow in the dining room…




A Closer Look: Gaetano Pesce’s Unusual Chairs

One of the advantages of mass production is consistency and predictability.  But when it comes to home furnishings, what if we want something unique and personal?

Gaetano Pesce has come up with a solution to this problem in a most unusual way.  An Italian designer known for his colorful resin furniture, Pesce enlists the help of furniture makers in determining the final look of his chairs.  Each piece is manufactured according to a standard design, but there is  alot of room for improvisation.  The furniture makers ultimately choose what color the chairs will be.

Take a look at the examples in this post – all of these “Brodway” chairs start out the same, but they soon become as unique as their makers.

Pesce is achieving something that we at Design Lines strive for everyday: creating unique solutions that are personal and anything but mass-produced.


A Closer Look: Jackson Pollock


In honor of my trip this weekend to New York, enjoy one of that city’s most famous (and largest!) paintings. Autumn Rhythm (No. 30) hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It measures over 17 feet long, and was painted by Jackson Pollock on unstretched canvas on his floor.  Make sure to see this cultural treasure the next time you’re in New York.  The Met has a ” pay what you wish ” policy every day, which means you can see it for next to nothing, though it’s worth over $100 million.


image 1: the slide projector online 

image 2: artchive.com

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