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One More Nursery for the Portfolio…..

There must be something in the water around here, because Design Lines has been on a roll designing nurseries. They are so much fun and each one takes on its own character.

Recently, my clients, Scott and Nicole Gass, told me that they were expecting twins in September. How exciting! It was even more challenging because they were having a boy and a girl. This was exciting because the room would not take on the typical boy/girl theme.
The best find ever, that got me going in a direction, were these hand-painted frogs. I found them at a local store — Dilly Dally. Dilly Dally has stores in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC. Check out their website!
After seeing them on the wall, I knew they were meant to be. One was a princess and one was a prince. What a great way to break up a wall that will house two cribs!
(Here is our handsome Prince frog!)
(Here is our beautiful Princess frog!)
After we got the gender-neutral design direction down, it was on to the bedding. We accented the walls and hand painted frogs with a bedding that was a mixture of stripes and a large scale damask- a great mix of patterns as it allowed the design to stay appropriate & not too feminine or masculine.
With a few more touches that are shown in the pictures below, the nursery came out perfect.
This picture show the proud parents of Aidan and Verena. Adding their names above their cribs helps personalize the space. It also breaks up the wall that has two cribs.
I love adding color to rooms in unique ways. There was not a lot of storage, so we added shelves above the changing table to create more storage. We painted a decorative rectangle on the wall to bring the traditional pink and blue colors back into the room. This allows the shelves to jump out from the wall too.
I love this nursery, and the room feels spacious and inviting. I can’t wait to meet the lucky babies that get to grow up in this room.
So you see, decorating can start at an early age, at least we believe it should!

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