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House of the day: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It’s Inauguration day and at Design Lines we’re celebrating the start of something new!

I rang in 2009 by painting my bedroom a new color, Stephanie & Lauren purchased headboards, and Judy hung some new art in her Master Bedroom. Why not consider some fresh new lighting for your space or fun throw pillows for the sofa or a new nightstand in the bedroom? Art for the foyer?

This week Domino magazine released the exclusive story of the Obamas‘ selection of California-based designer Michael Smith as White House Decorator. Click here for the details, we believe the final design will have an impact on almost all American households.
Be sure to take this fun white house poll (in honor of the rare white flurries outside) and decide which administration you think did it best!

Also, don’t miss Nick Olsen’s blog for some intriguing close-up images & discussion of White House interiors. My favorite? Jackie Kennedy’s interpretation of the West Sitting Hall, below:

(Photo from Domino Magazine from Architectural Digest)

Happy Inauguration day to you, too!

Meet the Cucurbita Family (Gourds & The Great White Pumpkin)

October is a great month for decorating, and now that Fall has finally decided to stand up and greet us with a cool down in the temperatures, we can decorate for the ocassion. Stephanie decorated the Barony Parade House with some handsome Martin House gourds. I bought a collection of small and lively green ones for myself at the grocery store and put them in a hurricane. Gourds and their closely related siblings pumpkins, are visually interesting thanks to their variety in color, texture, and form. I’m particularly in love with white pumpkins and the fresh aesthetic they bring to the traditional fall decorating table. I had never seen a white pumpkin until the cover of Domino Magazine‘s October Issue. But now, white pumpkins seem to be more readily availible. You can see scores of them walking into almost any Harris Teeter. I found an article on the topic to be really interesting. Who knew that “white is the new orange?”

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