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Fortress Findings

My family and I recently went to Fort Macon near Atlantic Beach, NC – what a treat! I have been many times before – beginning in grade school. Now with 3 kids in tow – one of whom is enamored with the history of battlefields and forts – we seek such destinations.

This last trip revealed yet again the beautiful architecture that resides within the walls of the fort. Built from 1826-1834 and designed by an architect in nearby Beaufort, NC, Fort Macon has many features worth noting…

From the simple yet classic iron railings,

to the intricate brick barrel vaulted rooms,

to the sliced lumber entry pathways just beyond the moat that surround the Pentagon shaped fortress –

I found each detail to be representative of years of talent and labor that was tested by warfare and somehow survived ( with a little restoration effort). During your travels, I encourage everyone to pull the car into the next parking lot designated to accomodate an historical site – you are likely to discover not only a slice of our history but a quick study in architecture that not only served a purpose, but was a quality built structure reflective of it’s period.

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