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World Cup Fancy: Interior Design from Around the World

With the 2010 World Cup underway we wanted to share with you four interior design styles from four different countries, who also happen to be playing in the World Cup.





An underground mountain house literally built inside of a mountain in Vals, Switzerland. The architects on this one-of-a-kind project are seARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This house definitely has a ton of character and provokes a warming and cottage like feel.  underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house

I love this kitchen!! Especially the sink.


Need some gas? Below are two pictures of a gas station in Grisons, Switzerland by the famous architect Iseppi Kurath. Neat huh?!


The exterior facade is made of metal.




germany flag

This minimalist style home is nestled in Leipzig, Germany and is designed by Atelier St. The house also has sustainable elements such as solar panels on the roof, a water use chimney and many large windows to let natural light into the house.




chile flag


Hotel Indigo is located in Puerto Natales, Chile. Chilean architect Sebastián Irarrázaval designed this hotel and created all the distinct modern characteristics. There are 29 guest rooms and spectacular views of Fjord of “Last Hope” and Glacier Balmaceda.
 Indigo Patagonia Hotel, Chile1

This guest room looks so peaceful. The natural wood on the walls and floors is stunning.

Indigo Patagonia Hotel, Chile 2

Guests receive dinner promptly at 7pm and can do a variety of different activities including: horseback riding and glacier tours.

Indigo Patagonia Hotel, Chile 4





Brazil’s own Arthur de Mattos Casas creates KAA, a modern resturant  in SaoPaulo, Brazil.  The most unique feature  is a green wall on one side of the restaurant. It has more than 7,000 living plants. The natural color scheme and wooden accents allow guests to enjoy their evening with friends or family in a very relaxing environment.


KAA Sao Paulo Brazil 1


The two pictures below are from a house situated right inside the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The homeowner worked with the architect Marcio Kogan to create a harmonious space between the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. 


Open House Plan, House 6 in Brazil

 The final environmental friendly house is designed by designer Affonso Risi. I love the splashes of color throughout the house. The red chair makes a wonderful statement in the living room.

 Green Alabarda House Design in Sao Paulo Brazil by Affonso Risi

 We hope you enjoyed our own mini tour of interior design from around the world. I must say, there were a lot of design similarities among the four countries while still creating totally different design concepts.  Which one was your favorite?


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