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The Anticipation of Brittany & Lauren’s Review of the 27th Annual Lee Academy

Design Lines 2010 Lee Academy (1)


Lee Industries, one of North Carolina’s high-end furniture manufacturers, invited Lauren and Brittany to a two day Academy in Hickory, North Carolina.  By educating interior designers, they in turn are more knowledgeable when hand selecting furniture for their clients.

We are still going through all of our wonderful pictures from the 27th annual Lee Academy .

 Design Lines 2010 Lee Academy


We promise though Brittany and Lauren will give you, our readers, their personal perspectives on all the behind-the-scenes details of the factory tour and the academy, coming up next week!

One of the highlights from the Academy was watching this fabric below being woven on a jacquard loom. Watch the toile pattern appear as the weft yarns are inserted into the warp yarn.


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