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A Closer Look: Jasper Johns

Just in time for the 4th of July weekend, I want to introduce you to an artist with southern roots that everyone should get to know.  Jasper Johns is an artist who was born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, and rose to fame as one of the most important American Painters of the 20th century.  Take a look at one of his most famous works: Flag from 1954.

With Jasper Johns, things are not always as they seem.  He used the flag in order to comment on flatness in modern painting, and used dense brushwork to imitate the strokes of Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollock, although in a controlled and deliberate manner.  Here’s a closer look at the above painting, which shows his use of encaustic (wax mixed with pigment):

It has also been suggested that the flag is a sort of autobiographical reference, referring to Johns’ time in the military, or the Revolutionary war hero after which he was named.

Johns’ breakthrough move was to adopt popular iconography in painting, paving the way for pop artists like Andy Warhol.

Take a closer look at Jasper Johns’ work and see what it means to you…


Have a Happy 4th!




Drool Worthy Weekly: 2010 Winter Olympics Inspiration

We should yet again receive Gold medals in  Olympic Sport Spectating. I asked the Design Lines team to answer the following question: What 2010 Winter Olympics event have you enjoyed watching the most?

Hilaire’s answer was half-pike Snowboarding, Laurie & Molly answered that they adore watching the mens & women’s snowboarding events, as well.  How about those US Snowboarding team jackets?  We found them to be cool and fashion forward- it would fit right at home in this child’s study designed by Judy & Lauren.

Plaid-US Snowboarder & Plaid Room

Lauren’s answer to my question: ” Ice skating & Apolo Ohno- I know he’s not an event, but still.” Apolo Ohno has won his fair share of Olympic medals (the Vancouver medals shown below) but who doesn’t want to go for the Gold with this fabulous Fang Gourd Table Lamp in Antique-Burnished Brass with Natural Paper Shade from Visual Comfort?

Gold Medal-Gold Visual Comfort Lamp

Personally, I like watching the  ski jumping and the women’s Aerial.  I find both events to be thrilling- though I’m happy when they land on the ground again.  Wouldn’t it be great if the Olympic inspired Rio rug from our friends at Niba Rugs in warm Miami was underfoot?

Olympic Rings

Ashley’s favorite:” Curling, it is so amazing & addicting.”  Judy has been watching figure skating and has been cheering on the US Hockey team on its way to a gold medal! Go Team USA!  Check out Jasper John’s beautiful interpretations of the American flag:

Jasper Johns Flags

What’s your favorite Olympic Sport to watch? For our 2008 Summer Olympics Inspiration from China, click here.



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